Setting up new posting periods

Administration –> System Initialization –> Posting Periods –> click on New Period





























Period Code: Enter the current year “2013”


Period Name: Enter the current year name “2013”


Sub –periods: In Months


No. of Periods: Its 12


Period Indicator: Default


Period Status: By default it is on “Unlocked” you will only be change the period status once you have added the Posting Period.


The dates should automatically be aligned, but you need to double check and make sure they correspond to the previous year periods.


Posting Date: Specify the posting date range for the new period. By default, the From date is the day after the end date of the latest posting period exists, and the To date is the last day of the year.


Due Date: Specify the due date range of the new period. The due date range can be longer than the posting date range. You need to keep in mind the Payment Terms for the Business Partner when setting up your due date.


Document Date: Specify the document date range of the new period. The document date range can also be longer than the posting dates range.


Start of fiscal year: The first day of the new period.


Fiscal Year: The New Year “2013”


Once you are done, you can than click on Add, to add the new posting periods:















The new Periods have been created – 12 months.