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SAP Business One Enterprise Mobility Solutions


The shift to enterprise mobility is accelerating at a rapid rate as a result of the increasingly important role that smartphones and tablets are playing in our daily lives.


Through mobile technology customers are able to be more assertive and proactive. They can research, compare and make purchasing decisions whenever and wherever they want to while being open to targeted real-time offers.


To remain competitive, customer’s today need to establish well-considered enterprise mobility strategies that will boost their company’s productivity, transform their customer service, accelerate the pace at which their business runs and bring about greater flexibility to the working day. Enterprise mobility also allows field-based, travelling or customer-facing personal to have access to the critical business information they need to make quick and informed business decisions.


At Bluekey, we believe that we should live in a world where any company can transform to a mobile enterprise. With SAP Business One Mobility you are ensured 24×7 access to the mobile data that enables improved decision making, enhanced productivity and customer retention – all must-haves for the company that is always looking for the competitive edge.


Bluekey, the number one SAP Business One Partner in Africa, specialises in making SME’s best-run businesses through the sales, implementation, and support of SAP Business One throughout Africa. Bluekey is headquartered in Johannesburg and has branches in Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Bluekey is Africa’s largest SAP Business One provider, a SAP-certified Gold Partner and SAP Africa Partner of the year 7 years in a row (2005-2011) for SAP Business One, and SAP EMEA Pinnacle Award winner.


SAP Mobile – The Facts

  • SAP is the #1 in the Enterprise Mobility application market
  • SAP’s ever-expanding range offers 200+ mobile apps spanning industry, line-of-business and analytics
  • More than 60 million users on SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform and Afaria Mobile Device Management solution
  • Almost 2 billion messages delivered daily via Sybase 365
  • 5.2 billion mobile subscribers reached by Sybase 365
  • SAP handle 60% of the world’s text messages
  • Each time a message is posted on Facebook it goes through SAP servers
  • Today 91% of the world’s leading brands have at least 1 SAP mobile app


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