What is SAP Business One

What is SAP Business One? This is a question that we are often asked from smaller businesses.


What is SAP Business One?” People who are familiar with competing business management solutions often ask this question. The main reason for this question is that when people think of SAP their first thought is “we are too small to run a SAP system.” In a way they are correct, because SAP Business Suite, one of the product’s in SAP’s portfolio, is solely aimed at large enterprises. But that is not the answer…


What many people do not know is that 77% of SAP’s customer base consists of  small businesses! SAP realized the need for a completely different product for this market as they knew that you cannot put the same system that caters for 2000 users into a 20 user business and expect it to be efficient, affordable and easy to implement. That’s why SAP decided to develop SAP Business One.  


SAP Business One is a solution built from the ground up for the needs of Small to Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs).  SAP knew that the solution they developed had to be something that could be sold, implemented, trained and supported by small teams in small businesses.  It needed to be extremely easy to use, while at the same time, ensure it had rock solid reliability and followed all the stringent country  tax and accounting rules.


So, after this brief background, what is SAP Business One all about and how can SAP Business One benefit your business?


SAP Business One is a Comprehensive Business Management Solution

SAP Business One supports every critical business function, allowing you to stay on top of your business and grow profitability. Non-technical users have the power to make critical changes on their own, and the system can easily accommodate new functionality when required. You have access to precise, up-to-the-minute information and can quickly access accurate, relevant and complete business information from the desktop with an easy-to-use user interface that allows you to get answers fast. You work more efficiently and proactively. The unique Drag&Relate™ feature instantly places information and transactions in understandable formats and drill downs into the information to answer questions and perform what-if analyses. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and Outlook is guaranteed.



With SAP Business One Decision Makers Are Instantly Notified

SAP Business One automatically keeps you on top of issues that require decisive action through workflow-based alerts to monitor and take action on specific business events. The information therefore finds the correct person at the correct time. Managers are no longer required to run reports to obtain mission critical management information. The system runs the reports at the pre-defined times and the reports are sent to the relevant recipients. With workflow-based alerts SAP Business One monitors and takes action on specific business events. Exception management automatically detects, logs, and reports on exceptions.



SAP Business One is Flexible and Adaptable

Users of the SAP Business One solution can specify their preferences for fields, data type, policies, queries and reports without time-consuming IT involvement. Changes made to SAP Business One go into effect immediately across all relevant areas, so you can adapt SAP Business One to fit the way you do business. Various levels of customization within SAP Business one make it easy to add unique business processes to a standardized system. Integration capabilities offer flexible integration between external systems and SAP Business One.


Some of the benefits you can expect to see from SAP Business One software include:

  • Improve efficiency for a stronger bottom line – Centralize and integrate your entire business – across sales, inventory, purchasing, operations and financials – in one system, eliminating redundant data entries, errors and costs
  • Focus on growing your business – Streamline operations from end to end, so you can focus on making your business more profitable
  • Make smarter, faster decisions – Put your business information into a single data source, so you can instantly drill down to complete, up-to-date information – and so your people can respond quickly to customer needs and be more empowered to make decisions
  • Get faster time-to-value – Be up and running within two to eight weeks with a single application. The intuitive user experience minimizes user training and reduces the cost of ongoing IT support
  • Support your changing needs – With easy-to-use customization tools and over 550 add-on solutions provided by our software solution partners, SAP Business One can be flexibly tailored and extended to meet your specific business needs


So, when people ask you ‘What is SAP Business One?’ you can now tell them:

  • SAP Business One makes duplicate data entry a thing of the past
  • SAP Business One makes managing revenue, expenses and most importantly, Cash Flow, easy and fast so you can quickly respond to changing business and market conditions
  • SAP Business One gives me greatly enhanced access to the right information at the right time so my company and I can make the best business decisions
  • SAP Business One is an affordable ERP solution designed specifically for SMEs that is both easy to implement and use


To summarize: “What is SAP Business One?”

In short, SAP Business One is a modern ERP solution designed specifically for smaller businesses that want a streamlined implementation and fast return on investment (ROI).   It’s designed to be rapidly implemented, easily supported, and quickly customized to your unique business process rather than you having to change your business to fit the solution.


Businesses that run SAP run better!


About Bluekey Software Solutions

As the largest and fastest growing SAP Business One Partner in Africa, Bluekey enjoys a reputation for on-time delivery of SAP Business One ERP, SAP HANA and SAP Business One Cloud solutions to SME’s throughout Africa. The company is founded on the value proposition that the successful implementation of ERP solutions bring real and tangible benefits to business owners by driving efficiency, profitability and growth while giving management effective control and visibility.


Bluekey is also the most successful SAP Business One partner in Africa and having won the SAP Business One partner of the year award 7 years in a row (2005-2011), more than 250 successful SAP Business One implementations, the most SAP Business One-certified professionals, director experience in excess of 70 years, 2 full service support centres, and a presence in 7 regions – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana and Tanzania. Bluekey is uniquely qualified to implement and support SAP Business One, SAP HANA and SAP Business One Cloud solutions throughout Africa and help growing businesses achieve their business goals.


For more information on choosing the correct SAP Business One partner for your business contact:

Craig Johnston | cj@bluekey.co.za


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