Visibility – from data comes insight

The term “data visibility” refers to your ability to see real-time business data that comes from multiple departments or locations. The data you access gives you an overview of your company’s operations and provides insight into conditions, relationships, and trends that are not otherwise apparent.


To thrive in today’s global economy, small businesses must incorporate some of the advantages formerly available only to larger firms. The most important of these advantages is anytime-anywhere access to real-time business data.


As a result, data visibility enables fast and effective decision making, as shown in these two scenarios:


You receive a huge order.


This is every small manufacturer’s dream. Viewed in isolation, the order is a cause for celebration; but viewed in context, it presents challenges. For example, it requires that you find the financing needed to purchase raw materials and that you notify your operations team to ramp up production.


You experience a spike in service calls or returns.


This not-so-good scenario presents a different set of challenges. The spike may indicate a production problem, which requires that you notify the manufacturing team. If a recall is necessary, you must also notify distributors and confirm that your returns processes are in order.


Advantage of a Consistent Customer View


Many companies – yours may be one – have multiple records for a single customer. One record may reside in sales, another in accounting, perhaps a third in customer service. That means multiple sets of data must be reconciled to obtain a single, consistent view of each customer. But multiple sets of data can lead to errors or inconsistencies, which can degrade customer service. In addition, maintaining multiple systems is expensive.


With an integrated and accurate view of your customers and business processes, you can deploy your limited resources effectively to maximize profit potential and minimize inefficiencies.


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