Valogix Inventory Planning for SAP Business One

VALOGIX® Inventory Planner is a next generation forecasting and planning tool that will forever change the way you plan your inventory.

VALOGIX Inventory Planner is a PC based inventory planning software solution that enables you to:

  • Forecast
  • Plan
  • Optimize Inventory

With less effort and more accuracy! The application is affordable, fast and easy to use. It is a smart system, and even does the complex computations for you! VALOGIX Inventory Planner determines:

  • Which items to stock
  • Which items to order and
  • Which items are excess or overstocked

The VALOGIX Planner manages an unlimited number of items and locations, and provides flexibility while different planning parameters allow more precise planning. VALOGIX Inventory Planner helps you manage by exception.


The software’s intelligence even provides alerts of potential problems, before they occur saving you valuable time and assisting you to avoid potentially serious Customer Satisfaction problems.

  • VALOGIX Inventory Planner works on Windows based systems.
  • VALOGIX Inventory Planner’s automated installation tool makes it fast and simple to install.
  • VALOGIX Installations are scripted and supported by our professional staff
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Inventory Planner Select Features

Automatic notification that there is a situation requiring attention. Alerts will consist of: Batch Process Failure, Critical Shortage (Customer Order Shortage and Impending Stock-out situations), and New Items.


A proprietary forecasting engine that automatically computes a forecast for an item. The forecast methods include algorithms proven over several years of use on many different types of data. The most difficult data to predict are slow moving, random demand and seasonal type inventory items. Valogix has built special algorithms for these cases. The presence and degree of seasonal and trend components is detected and applied in the various forecast models. The forecast can be run for either 12, 24 or 36 months.


Dashboards are used throughout the product providing critical data and links to the details.


Forward Agings
A forward look at the on-hand inventory position for either a 3,6,9 or 12 month period (User Selected Period). It identifies three levels of inventory status based on the expected forecasted demand: Active – means there is the correct amount of stock for the selected period; Excess – means there is more stock on hand than will be consumed over the selected period; Inactive – means there is no expected demand during the selected period.


Inventory Flows
Day-by-day table of demands and replenishments for an item/location shown by either week or month. It also includes Available to Promise quantities.


Investment Analysiss
A rationalization and optimization of the on-hand and on-order inventory pinpoints where there is too much invested and as an important, where they is too little invested.


Planning Groupss
Items that have common planning requirements. Assignment of Planning Groups in terms of planner role and a selected set of: historic usage rate range, forecast usage rate range, warehouse level (supply echelon), location type, location, supplier group, supplier, lead time, and vendor.


Scheduled Replenishment Plannings
The automatic system process of identifying items that are or will be in short supply to meet demand on a scheduled basis. It produces a list of Items that have reached a review date and have positive Quantity Needed (negative Net Quantity). It includes the ability to Buy, Make or Transfer items as appropriate. In combination with alerts, scheduled replenishments elevate a planner’s productivity to new levels.


Seasonal Group Forecasting
Estimating the forecast for a relatively new item using the seasonal model of the seasonal group that the item is a member of. Seasonal Homogeneity-Degree to which all items in a seasonal group have the same demand pattern across the year.