Should I upgrade to SAP Business One 9.0?

SAP has continued to invest in extending the core functionality of  SAP Business One across a number of different business functions and has made available its first major release in the Release Family 9, SAP Business One version 9.0.


By introducing a centralized implementation framework and extending the current implementation tools, SAP Business One 9.0 makes Business One easier to implement, and with improved integration, a number of SAP extensions are now fully integrated into the core product offering.


Here are only a few reasons why you need to upgrade to SAP Business One 9.0:

  • The current version of SAP Business One is out of maintenance (i.e. SAP Business One 2007 and earlier versions)
  • There are bugs in your version that are addressed in a new release (and of course these bugs are impacting significantly the operations in your company)
  • Your IT department, and rightly so, is updating systems regularly to ensure that the exercise is manageable each time
  • New functionality that doesn’t exist in your current version of SAP Business One
  • Enhancements to existing modules to further streamline your SAP Business One solution


All these reasons are valid. However, depending on the root cause, your upgrade to a newer version of SAP Business One should be timed differently and approached differently as well. Here are a few points that you might want to consider before upgrading:


–       At the time of distributing this article, version 9.0 is in ramp-up. It means that a selected group of customers is using the new version in production and are reporting bugs and issues to SAP. The aim is to fix as many issues as possible before it is released to the general public. If you are planning to upgrade to any version of SAP Business One, we strongly recommend that your wait until version 9 has been released to the public.


–       If the only reason for your upgrade is to ensure that your version is not becoming a legacy system, then you should wait until the end of 2013 to upgrade. By then, a number of patch levels would have been released to fix the residual issues that have been left after the ramp-up period.


–       If you are implementing SAP Business One today, ensure that you are part of the ramp-up program. It gives you better access to SAP support and your issues will be escalated using a specific fast tracked process. It will eliminate the need to upgrade 18 months after go live (and therefore save you some money).


–       If you are serious about upgrading to version 9.0 (especially if you are using a relatively old version such as 2007 or even 8.80), the upgrade project will be more than a technical exercise. There are a number of new modules that you and your SAP Partner will need to look at to understand whether they will have any impact on current processes or data (i.e. new purchase requisition module, modified multiple unit of measure function, bin location, enhanced reporting, mobile integration, etc.). We strongly recommend that you organise a workshop with your partner to assess how these new functions will be used.


As a summary, we strongly recommend any business to consider upgrading to version 9.0 in 2013 or 2014. The new version is faster, has a stack of new features that will benefit your business and finally you will ensure that your installation can be supported by SAP.


Click on the desired link if you would like to get more in-depth knowledge about SAP Business One version 9.0 or see SAP Business One 9.0 in action with our SAP Business One 9.0 demos


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