Top 10 reasons to upgrade to SAP Business One 9.0


SAP Business One 9.0 – Making SAP Business One Easier to Use, Implement, Integrate & Customize


With the latest version of SAP Business One, SAP Business One Version 9.0, comes great new features and enhancements for the single, integrated, and affordable ERP solution for SME’s – SAP Business One.


The SAP Business One Version 9.0 ERP solution is proudly implemented, and supported by Bluekey Software Solutions – the largest and most successful SAP Business One Partner in Africa. Below are the top 10 reasons why we believe it is beneficial for your business to upgrade to SAP Business One 9.0. These reasons will also highlight the additional features and functional enhancements you can expect to see in SAP Business One Version 9.0 and if you would like to find out more about Bluekey, SAP Business One, or more specifically SAP Business One Version 9.0  please feel free to contact your nearest branch.


10 reasons to upgrade to SAP Business One 9.0


BIN LOCATION SET-UP AND MANAGEMENT – Optimise stock management with SAP Business One 9.0

  • Bin location functionality in SAP Business One 9.0 is activated per warehouse
  • Warehouses can be split into multiple sub-levels
  • Bin location codes can be setup with up to 10 user-defined attributes, ie: size, weight, hazardous, frozen, etc.
  • Manage sub-level and bin location codes manually or automatically with a batch generation/update/delete function
  • Default bin locations available per item, per item group and per warehouse
  • All inventory processing (including inventory counting) supports bin locations in SAP Business One 9.0
  • Set up automatic allocations for receiving and issuing goods
  • Bin location receipt and issue allocation screens for manually receiving and issuing transactions
  • Pick and pack manager supports bin locations
  • Bin location allocation rules apply when handling batch and serial managed items
  • Reporting enhancements provide for improved stock visibility and control


INVENTORY COUNTING – Achieve greater flexibility, transparency and accuracy using SAP Business One 9.0

  • Cycle count recommendations are linked to stock taking processes
  • Define more flexible count frequencies and set re-occurrences for these frequencies
  • Define inventory cycles per warehouse, bin location or item level
  • Receive alerts for items due for inventory taking


Cycle counting enhancements

  • New inventory counting document to record and manage inventory taking process
  • New inventory postings document to record and manage postings from inventory counting results
  • Two inventory takers can stock in the same area
  • Ability to freeze items while counting


MULTIPLE UNITS OF MEASURE (UOM) – Freedom to buy and sell in any unit with new SAP Business One 9.0 features

  • Single units of measure can be grouped together as a subset based on conversion rules
  • Default units of measure can be automatically converted to alternative units of measure in transaction processing
  • Price lists can be updated for each unit of measure
  • Support different barcode standards per unit of measure per item
  • Define different packaging types per unit of measure


PURCHASE REQUESTS – Improved purchasing control provided by SAP Business One 9.0

  • Create purchase requests as a preliminary step of the purchasing process
  • New purchase request form and report
  • Create purchase quotations or orders directly from the purchase request form or purchase request report
  • Create purchase quotations based on purchase requests from the purchase quotations generation wizard
  • Support approval procedure process


PRICE LISTS AND DISCOUNTS – Greater flexibility for pricing and discount models in SAP Business One 9.0

  • Set active and validity period for price lists and discount groups
  • Multiple currencies for price lists
  • Price list per customer/vendor group
  • Support multiple units of measurements for prices
  • Currency selection for special prices and period/volume prices
  • Enhancements for discount groups
  • Variable discounts based on quantity
  • Price and discount reports
  • Analyze pricing and discounts in transactions


CANCELLATION OF MARKETING DOCUMENTS – Save time correcting errors using SAP Business One 9.0

  • New ‘Cancellation’ marketing document created with each cancellation procedure
  • Accounting, fiscal, financial and inventory transactions are completely reversed in one step
  • Both reversing and reversed documents are closed automatically and fully internally reconciled
  • Base documents linked to cancellation documents are re-opened after cancellation and can be used as a base document again
  • Display ‘Cancelled’ and ‘Cancellation’ marketing documents in reports
  • Define maximum number of days for cancelling marketing documents after posting
  • Relevant authorisations support this feature


GL ACCOUNT DETERMINATION – Rules-based multi-determination of criteria with SAP Business One 9.0

  • Centralized matrix to determine GL accounts
  • Support GL settings for items, item groups, warehouses, BP groups, federal tax ID, ship-to-country, ship-to-state
  • Supports multi-determination criteria with the possibility to set priorities for determination criteria as well as for rules
  • Enable tracking by viewing the change log
  • Simple and flexible


FIXED ASSETS INTEGRATION – Enhance capabilities by leveraging existing SAP Business One processes

  • Integrated comprehensive fixed asset solution for end to end process
  • Ability to handle different accounting areas (e.g. local accounting practices and IFRS in parallel)
  • Flexible depreciation calculation defined to meet local requirements and international accounting standards
  • Authorization concept
  • New fixed assets master data structure



  • AP invoice supports landed costs – Landed costs can now be created directly using the ‘Copy From’ function from an AP invoice without the need of a goods receipt. This supports a more streamlined procurement process without goods receipts, saving processing time and increasing efficiency.
  • Drop ship and serial and batch items – Drop ship supports serial and batch managed items. Set up or allocate serial numbers and batch managed items by activating ‘Manage Serial Numbers and Batches’ in the warehouse – set up window for drop ship warehouses.
  • Item costs and A/R returns and credit memos – The item cost for an item that has been returned via an A/R returns or A/R credit memo can be updated if it has no base document. This feature is activated by checking ‘Allow changing inv. Cost for Doc. without Base Doc’ in the document settings window. A ‘Return Cost’ field has been added to the A/R returns and A/R credit memo documents to update the inventory cost at an item level.
  • System currency (SC) reconciliations – Internal reconciliation functionality in SAP Business One has been extended to support system currency management. New posting accounts have been added to enable automatic system currency postings when performing any type of internal reconciliation.



  • Security compliance and data privacy – SAP Business One supports a standard encryption communication channel between the license server, B1 client and DI API add-on’s complying with local and global regulatory mandates for data security and privacy. To safe guard against brute force attacks and security breaches, the system now supports dynamic keys and salted hash user passwords. Any administration and configuration changes will also be stored in a log file for audit purposes.
  • 64 bit support – Bigger cache and better performance especially when running huge reports. Ability to integrate with 64bit applications, such as 64bit Microsoft Office.
  • Single sign-on – The SAP Business One login can now be bound to a Windows Domain Account. Login can be wither automatic or by requiring Windows credentials to launch SAP Business One.
  • System Landscape Directory (SLD) – New system landscape directory service for security configuration and server management allows for a centralised environment which improves security and server management.


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