Solution Extensions

SAP’s program to provide end-to-end industry solutions offers you proven, tested, and pre-configured packaged solutions to address your specific business processes.  Through a methodical application review process, SAP validates each partner offering to help ensure that each meets the highest quality standards.

You can maximize the value of your investment in SAP Business One through industry-specific extensions and solutions from SAP and its partner ecosystem. You can increase operational excellence through industry-specific functionality to meet your unique business and industry needs. These SAP Business One Solution Extensions are in use and have been proven among your industry peers.

Bluekey has selected key offerings from amongst the many provided by SAP’s solution partners.  Our criteria for inclusion of these solution extensions include the value that we believe it offers, suitability and relevance to the African market, expertise and scale of the partner, expertise and experience of Bluekey in the industry, and the level of support provided by the solution partner.  We are satisfied that the solutions listed below can offer real value and significantly improve business performance.


Variatec for Project Engineering – SAP Business One and Variatec BX PROJECT offers an unparalleled combination of functionality for organizations which manage their business as projects.


Variatec for MRO – SAP Business One and Variatec BX MRO transforms the SAP software into the ideal choice for companies with service and maintenance operations.



BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One extends SAP Business One to provide the full functionality required by process or recipe based manufacturers.

PPS One Production Planning is a leading manufacturing solution developed specifically for instances where the production capability of the SAP Business One ERP solution needs to be extended.



Cistech Serious-about-Retail point-of-sale (POS) provides complete front and back office functionality for retailers. CSAR is a reliable, full-featured, secure, highly configurable and easy to use POS solution that integrates fully to SAP Business One.


Valogix provides automated planning tools that improve your inventory investment and reduce the amount of time required to maintain proper inventory levels.


The coresuite application (Apps) simplifies work in SAP Business One and optimizes business processes in your company.


SAP B1 Usability Package (B1UP)is an award-winning add-on for SAP Business One aimed at enhancing the user experience.

Alchemex reporting software delivers automated management packs and other decision-support reports on demand in Microsoft Excel, directly from a company’s SAP Business One system.


Westrocon is an SAP Business One partner specializing in integrating systems and supporting efficiency. The company has positioned itself as the ideal partner to complete SAP Business One projects involving integration, especially integration with SAP Business Suite (R3).