SAP Business One for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

This combination of SAP Business One and Variatec BX MRO transforms the SAP software into the ideal choice for companies with service and maintenance operations. Variatec BX MRO adds to SAP Business One essential functions for preventative and corrective maintenance, including comprehensive service orders combined with job scheduling, capacity planning and flexible invoicing. SAP Business One for MRO supports service order estimating based on templates and past projects, comprehensive invoicing with labour & parts, and extensive service history. The benefits include accurate and on-time invoicing, improved utilisation of resources, improved financial control, visibility & profitability, and of course improved customer satisfaction.

Meeting the demands of customers for timely and high-quality maintenance and service can put a lot of pressure on a company and require the coordinated efforts of the entire organisation. Managing the multitude of invoicing frequencies, coordinating parts supplies and other materials, all while balancing labour & capacity constraints in order to meet customer deadlines can substantial increase the complexity of your organisation and lead to errors, missed deadlines, and diminished efficiency. Integrated software solutions that are optimized for service and maintenance operations are vital to remaining competitive. SAP Business One for MRO is just such a solution. It offers a comprehensive solution for small and mid-sized companies, or a departmental solution for large organisations.

Functionality of SAP Business One for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Service Contract Invoicing Depending on the invoice frequency, service contracts can be automatically queued for invoicing, thereby ensuring efficient and timely billing.

Maintenance service order Based on the maintenance frequency from the customer equipment cards, the system automatically generates maintenance service orders. This can be altered by selectable time frames, counters, or what comes first.

Service calls Based on service calls, the system can generate service orders. On the service call screen there is a complete overview of previous service calls, previous service orders and planned service orders.

Service Order Planning Graphical planning tools make scheduling and planning fast and easy. Service order planning and capacity planning are fully integrated. Service orders and tasks can be assigned to employees by

using a simple drag and drop interface.

Job costing Every service order can include a budget, with real-time access to actual costs, service order margin, and WIP, thereby, giving up-to-date insight in the status of the service order and its progress. Extensive drill-down options to activities, material and labour.

Service Order Invoicing Flexible invoicing options are included. Invoices can be based on calendar patterns, milestones, percentage of completion, or on-demand. Invoices can include labour, material and expenses. Each service order can have its own billing pattern.

Procurement & Inventory Comprehensive material planning and procurement functionality. Materials can be linked to specific activities or milestones and thereby provide just-in-time purchasing. Support for multiple warehouses in combination with order advice and project stock.

Time sheets Booking of direct and indirect hours with real-time roll-up to a service order and flexible invoicing. Time entry can also be done remotely via a web browser.

Financial Administration Completely integrated financial administration that is fed from all other relevant components of the software solution, combined with flexible and extensive financial reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Improved service response times and quality
  • Increased accuracy of estimates and quoting
  • Easy, fast and accurate invoicing
  • Easy and powerful planning
  • Quick and proven ROI
  • Improved scheduling & resource allocation
  • Reduced emergency repairs
  • Easy to Use, Drill downs, Alerts and Approvals