SAP Business One Version 9 Demos

With the latest version of SAP Business One, SAP Business One Version 9.0, comes great new features and enhancements for the single, integrated, and affordable ERP solution for SME’s – SAP Business One.

The SAP Business One Version 9.0 ERP solution is proudly implemented, and supported by Bluekey Software Solutions – the largest, most successful SAP Business One Partner in Africa. Below are some demonstrations of the additional features and functional enhancements you can expect to see in SAP Business One Version 9 and if you would like to find out more about Bluekey, SAP Business One or more specifically other SAP Business One Version 9 enhancements and features then please feel free to contact your nearest branch. Click here to find out more about SAP Business One Version 9.0…

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Advanced GL Account Determination in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Centralized matrix to determine GL accounts

  • Support GL settings for items, item groups, warehouses, BP groups, federal tax ID, ship-to country, ship-to state
  • Supports multi determination criteria with possibility to set priorities for determination criteria as well as for rules
  • Enable tracking by viewing the change log
  • Simple and flexible


Bin Locations in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Benefits of SAP Business One Bin Locations:

  • Optimize stock movement
  • Faster order processing
  • Auto-allocation facilitates & supports different picking requirements and processes
  • Increased efficiency with accelerated cycle counting
  • Significantly reduce picking time
  • Better manage replenishment of items
  • Easier to manage reserved products
  • Enhanced visibility of inventory levels
  • Minimize potential risk to the inventory
  • Real-time inventory positions allows enterprises to make better decisions
  • Warehouse efficiency reporting provides benchmark information for KPI setting


Fixed Assets in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Benefits of SAP Business One Fixed Assets:

  • Enhanced capabilities in fixed assets management
  • Allows customer specific enhancements
  • Meets cross-localization accounting standard
  • Leverages existing Business One processes such as procurement process, blanket agreements, etc


Inventory Counting in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Benefits of SAP Business One Inventory Counting:

  • Accurate reporting for inventory management
  • Dynamic counting and posting of quantity differences
  • Greater transparency in counting and corresponding posting records
  • Analyse quantities & differences while inventory taking is in process and has been completed
  • Compare differences between two inventory takers
  • Greater flexibility in setting up count cycles
  • Greater flexibility in posting stock take records for corrections


Multiple Unit of Measures in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Benefits of SAP Business One Unit of Measures:

  • Flexibility to sell and purchase in any unit of measure required
  • Supports unlimited global and product-specific UoM conversion factors


Workflow in SAP Business One Version 9.0