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0860 BK HELP (0860 254 357)

011 622 7200

+254 (20) 387 4327

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More SAP Business One Support Options


Bluekey’s SAP Business One Support Help Desk 

As part of our vision for long-term partnerships with our customers we offer a range of SAP Business One Support options to ensure that you get the support you need when you need it.  SAP Business One Support services, including the SAP Business One Starter Package, consists of a help-desk, report development and remote assistance and consulting.  Our objective is always to ensure you receive the best possible value and SAP Business One Support and up-time from your investment in SAP Business One and Bluekey solutions.


If you do not have access to our web-based call logging and SAP Business One Support system, please send an email to requesting access.


In many instances we can deliver better value and SAP Business One Support by helping you remotely.  The Bluekey Virtual Assistant allows us, with your authorisation, to take control of your computer to assist you.  As well as saving time and money, this method educates users and improves troubleshooting skills as they follow the session on their screens.


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SAP Business One Remote Support Platform (RSP)

The SAP Business One Remote Support Platform monitors the entire SAP Business One environment. By significantly reducing the time between the appearance, identification, and resolution of issues, the SAP Business One Remote Support Platform minimizes the impact on your databases and processes. By providing important information about the status of the SAP installed base, the platform reduces SAP Business One Support costs and simplifies future decision making.

RSP Mandatory for Key Support Services

As of June 2013, key SAP Business One support services are ONLY delivered via the Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One. The Service Offering section below highlights these support services

Access RSP on PartnerEdge platform



Find out more about the SAP Business One Remote Support Platform




SAP Business One Notes

SAP has an on-line self-help resource called “SAP Business One Notes”. Luckily, as an SAP Business One customer, you have full access to this site and its comprehensive library. You will need your SAP login details (S-Number and Password) to gain access to the information. If you do not have a login, or have forgotten/lost them, them please contact us so we can provide you with these details. Once you have your SAP login details ready, click the link below to use SAP Business One Notes for yourself and gain access to the large amount of SAP Business One information that is available on that portal!


Once you have the results you are searching for, you will be provided with the points below relating to importance of your search results:

  • SAP HotNews are SAP Notes with priority 1 (very high). These Notes contain the solution to problems which can cause a system outage or a data loss. Therefore the observation of these Notes is very important for you if you are concerned by that
  • SAP TopNotes are the most important notes of a component or a subcomponent reported on successfully closed customer support messages. The selection of the 10 most successful notes is done regularly on a monthly basis in a semi-automatic process
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SAP Business One Customer Portal

As a SAP Business One customer, you have immediate access to the SAP Business One Customer Portal. On this portal you will be able to find more information on support, solutions overview, implementation information, education, training and SAP Business One news.


You will need your SAP login details (S-Number and Password) to gain access to the information. If you do not have a login, or have forgotten/lost them, them please contact us so we can provide you with these details.

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SAP Community Network (SCN)

Every day, SAP Community Network (SCN) changes the way that thousands of SAP users work. Members help one another solve problems, learn, and invent new ways to get things done – faster. Find out how to connect with other SAP Business one users to share content, knowledge and resources.


You can also sign up for SCN Newsletters to get bulletins on technology, business processes, business intelligence, IT management, developer-related content and cloud computing at SAP. For a more focused audience, SCN Momentum offers news for moderators and space editors.

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SAP Business One FAQ

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have been around for a while; yet there is still the understanding that ERP systems share the same features as accounting systems. Further to that understanding, many companies believe that if their books are in order there is no need for an ERP solution. Get the answers to your SAP Business One questions with SAP Business One FAQ’s and see how SAP Business One can make your business a best-run business.

Read some SAP Business One FAQ’s





SAP Business One Project Costs

What affects the cost of a SAP Business One implementation? This is a question that we at Bluekey Software Solutions need to answer on a regular basis. Whilst there is no set formula to provide you with a 100% accurate price for the implementation of SAP Business One, we can provide you with some information to understand what SAP Business One implementations costs are likely to be and what expenses you can expect to see.

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SAP Business One Resources

You will find a wealth of knowledge and information on SAP Business One, current businesses using SAP Business One, and visual training with our SAP Business One Resources. Just click on the resource you would like information on to gain access to that page.



SAP Business One Self Service Tools

Just in case you may have forgotten the SAP Business One Support options, we would like to provide you with directions to make use of the SAP Business One on-line help system. This is the fastest way to get SAP Business One Help and Support and all it requires is for you to be logged onto SAP Business One. These are the on-line SAP Business One Support options you have:

  • When you have the SAP Business One window open that you require assistance on, press the F1 key and context sensitive information is shown on the screen that you can filter through
  • Whilst logged into SAP Business One, you can also navigate to the Help Menu. (Help > Documentation > OnLine Help) – There are over 1,000 pages to explore, but you will have to open SAP Business One and try this out for yourself. There is also a search function that you can use to narrow your searching options