SAP Business One Starter Package – Boost Sales and Market Share

Reach a whole new market, improve margins, increase customer satisfaction, and lay the groundwork for future business!


Fixed-Scope Version Matches Needs and Budgets of Small Companies


SAP Business One stands out as an affordable, comprehensive solution for managing small enterprises. Yet the solution has typically proven to be “too much” for  any companies with five or fewer users.


The SAP Business One Starter Package provides a fixed-scope version of SAP Business One that more ideally meets the needs of very small companies. It allows partners, such as the best SAP Business One partner in Africa – Bluekey, to offer fixed-price implementation that sets clearer and more tangible customer expectations, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.


Where the SAP Business One Starter Package Fits In


The market potential is huge. Many small companies get by with off-the-shelf solutions, or running non-integrated business applications such as CRM. Though these products may not quite meet the needs of the users, those on a particularly tight budget can find it difficult to step up to the price points of SAP Business One — despite the proven value in enabling more effective management of everything from sales and financial performance to purchasing and inventory processes. The SAP Business One Starter Package was specifically created for clients needing a small business management solution for up to five users. The limited functional scope of this solution still delivers unparalleled capabilities, yet at considerably lower overall costs in implementation as well as licensing.


As a small business running the SAP Business One Starter Package, you can confidently compete at the smaller business end of the market. Then, when the time is right, you can easily upgrade to the standard edition of SAP Business One without having to invest in new software. You simply import the new licenses to take immediate advantage of all of the extended functionality in SAP Business One.


Making Implementation Work for You


The SAP Business One Starter Package leverages a pre-packaged implementation framework to control costs and expedite service delivery. The implementation framework consists of four main elements:


  • Starter Package Scope Document (Solution Map) – An overview of business process functionality as well as implementation actions
  • Predefined Implementation Work Packages – Activities handled by the partner/and or key user to implement the required functionality, and supported by generic topic descriptions, blueprinting possibilities, detailed work instructions and flash movies
  • Starter Package Implementation Plan – An integrated plan to support partner and customer efforts to structure and document implementation activities, including starting points, and roles and responsibilities as well as the deliverable’s for each package
  • Pre-configured Content – A localized template that can be used on the customer side as the basis for the implementation (or partners can use their own template as a starting point)


Besides this, the SAP Business One Starter Package comes with end-user documentation to help minimize training days required. This documentation includes product help files, standardized work instructions, and Flash-based demos for key business process and implementation tasks.


Depending on the scope of the project, implementation can usually be accomplished in three to 10 days, versus two to eight weeks for the standard edition of SAP Business One.


SAP Business One Starter Package Features


With enough functionality to run a small business of up to five users, the SAP Business One Starter Package delivers a fixed scope version of SAP Business One including basic accounting and finance, sales and customer relationship management, purchasing and supplier relationship management, inventory and distribution, reporting and administration functionality.


As a special offer to small businesses, the SAP Business One Starter Package also comes with some predefined mobile scenarios allowing each owner of a small business to access SAP Business One remotely. The Starter Package will also accommodate any partner or SAP add-on’s (except Copy  Express or Fixed Assets). Add-on’s, however, that significantly extend the functional scope of the Starter Package should be avoided, because they may diminish the simplicity and fast-to implement value of the Starter Package.


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