SAP Business One Purchasing Management

SAP Business One Purchasing Management allows you to manage your procurement process from purchase order creation to supplier invoice payment.


Purchasing management is a core function of the SAP Business One ERP and business management solution that enables you to manage your entire procurement process from purchase order creation to supplier invoice payment.

You can create purchase orders in easy-to-understand screens and use the stored data as a basis for subsequent goods receipts. Subsequent or follow-on supplier invoice documents can be created simply by referencing purchase orders or goods receipts and thereby transferring relevant data. Return unsatisfactory shipments to your supplier using the goods return function, and post credit memos upon receipt.  The document trail in SAP Business One captures and links every document created during a purchasing process.

SAP Business One enables you to manage item and supplier master data with detailed, multilevel information. Apply price lists and costing models to purchase items, and get an up-to-date view of purchase order values and inventory valuations. Use the supplier master record to view detailed supplier data as well as a current account balance in order to better select vendors for a particular order. Read More…

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SAP Business One Purchasing Management Functions

  • Procurement – creates single or multiple Purchase Orders (POs) and goods receipts; link purchasing documents and view document trails for audit purposes; manage additional expenses and multiple currencies
  • Item and vendor master data – manage detailed data in user-friendly interface; view account balance and purchase analysis in supplier master record; maintain detailed item purchasing information with price lists and tax information
  • Warehouse and accounting  integration – achieve real-time synchronization of goods  receipts and inventory warehouse levels; process accounts payable invoices and credit memos  with PO reference; calculate inventory book values and last purchase price automatically
  • Easy, up-to-date reporting – generate sophisticated reports with real-time data; get additional reporting functionality, such as dashboards, through built-in functionality or by integrating Microsoft excel templates

SAP Business One Purchasing Management Business Benefits

  • Gain efficiency by automating the entire procurement process from purchase order creation to supplier invoice payment
  • Improve business insight because of real-time integration between warehousing operations and financial accounting data
  • Make smarter buying decisions with comprehensive purchasing reports and dashboards

More about SAP Business One

As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP (NYSE: SAP) helps companies of all sizes and industries to run better. Today SAP has sales and development locations in more than 50 countries worldwide, with more than 176,000 customers. SAP Business One is an affordable and easy-to-use business management software solution designed specifically for small and midsize enterprises (SME’s). It enables you to manage critical business functions in a single integrated business management system. With SAP Business One, you can instantly access complete and up-to-the-minute business information, so you can respond to customers faster and grow your business more profitably. SAP Business One helps you bring sales, financial management, banking, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, customer relationship management and more all under one flexible, responsive system.

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