SAP Business One Project Management Demo

SAP Business One Project Management for project-driven companies offers an unparalleled combination of functionality for organizations which manage some or most of their business as projects. SAP Business One Project Management has been designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of these organizations. The result is a flexible and tightly integrated system, perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of project driven companies.


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Watch these SAP Business One Project Management demos at your convenience to learn more about:


SAP Business One Project Time Management

Time registration – Booking of direct and indirect hours in time sheets with real-time roll-up to project costing and Gantt chart. Data input can also be achieved remotely via a computer browser or select PDA devices.




SAP Business One Project Planboard Overview

Project planning – Graphical integrated Gantt chart with simultaneous insight into capacity and material requirements. Material deliveries are linked with project activities and are directly visible in the project plan.



SAP Business One Project Material Management

Plan your material requirements on a project basis. Any project can include individual material components and pre-defined BOMs, all combined to create a project BOM which also can be adjusted. Material can be assigned to specific project activities to enable just-in-time planning and purchasing. Create material recommendations for a single project or combine multiple projects. All material requirements, PO’s and production orders are visible in the interactive Gantt chart.



SAP Business One Project Invoicing

Easily establish a billing method for the project. Down payments, percentage of completion, milestone, or time & materials are supported. Invoices can be tied to the completion of a project activity and milestone, or prompted on a specific date. All ensuring that your invoices are generated promptly to maximize your on-time collections.



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