SAP Business One Project Cost

What affects the cost of a SAP Business One implementation?


The expenses you can expect to see in a SAP Business One implementation are largely dependent on many variables: number of branches and companies, number of users, customer internal capabilities and responsibilities, quantity and quality of data, level of integration required, extent of customisation  business rules and workflow requirements, reporting and stationery needs and the amount of training required. Choosing a reputable and experienced SAP Business One partner will ensure that you get a complete solutions configured to your business processes and can significantly reduce your implementation costs. You can assess the complexity, and the implementation costs, for your business by considering:

Factors that influence implementation cost




SAP Business One Software licenses

SAP Business One offers businesses and users a choice of Professional, Limited CRM, Limited Financial, Limited Logistics, and SAP Business One Starter Package users. SAP Business One pricing will depend on the number of users and the type of licenses that your business requires and also if your solution is on-premise or on-demand. Different license types have access to different functionality sets within SAP Business One to increase control of your operations.


SAP Business One Implementation

SAP Business One costing for implementation will depend on a number of factors including – number of SAP Business One users, business location, number of branches or subsidiary companies to be implemented, reporting needs and requirements , data cleaning and conversion, development / integration requirements and current skill level of system users. Consulting days to implement SAP Business One can range from a few days for small, ‘vanilla’ implementations, to 100 days or more for large implementations with complex requirements and multiple branches.


SAP Business One Support and Maintenance

As part of our vision for long-term partnerships with our customer we offer a range of SAP Business one support options to ensure that you get the support you need when you need it. Our objective is always to ensure you receive the best possible SAP Business One Support, value and up-time from your investment in SAP Business One and Bluekey.


As part of the SAP Business One support package, Bluekey provides all SAP Business One customers with an annual maintenance plan which is priced based on a percentage of the upfront software pricing – charged on an annual basis – which entitles customers to software upgrades and patch releases, access to the SAP portal, and help-desk facilities for bug resolution. The Bluekey Extended Support plan is priced per user and includes telephonic, help-desk and remote access support, limited to 15 minutes per instance.


Hardware requirements for SAP Business One

SAP Business One requires a server, operating system and database. When purchasing SAP Business One you should ensure that your server and client machines meet the minimum required specifications. A bit like implementation pricing the question with regards to minimum hardware requirements for SAP Business One cannot be answered without first asking several questions. Questions such as – number of users, is remote access required, potential growth plans, are complimentary or integrated solutions being used and what volumes of data will be processed. SAP Business One is a highly scalable and configurable solution – making sure that you have the right hardware solutions in place is a relatively straight forward task that the Bluekey Networking Solutions teams will gladly assist you with.