SAP Business One OnDemand FAQ

Comprehensive ERP for smaller businesses with SAP Business One on the cloud with SAP Business One OnDemand


The SAP Business One OnDemand solution is a deployment model for SAP Business One. Instead of licensing a solution and managing it in-house, a customer pays a subscription fee for the use of the software and has SAP Business One Partner, Bluekey, manage it. Customers get the same great benefits as with the traditional, on-premise delivery option of SAP Business One, but without the hassle of managing IT.


With any new technology there are bound to be uncertainties and confusion. With our SAP Business One OnDemand FAQ section, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding you need to make effective technology decisions. There are a list of known FAQ’s, but if there are any additional questions you would like to add, please do so by commenting at the bottom of the page.


SAP Business One OnDemand FAQ


Which partners deliver SAP Business One OnDemand?

The partner strategy for the SAP Business One OnDemand solution builds on various partner types to ensure that effective and strategic relationships are built and maintained. Bluekey, the most successful SAP Business One partner in Africa, has strategic partnerships in place in South Africa and East Africa to provide customers with a single point of contact for sales, services, implementation and support of new technologies such as cloud ERP in the form of SAP Business One OnDemand.



What is the pricing structure of SAP Business One OnDemand?

SAP Business One OnDemand is typically offered via a monthly subscription on a named-user basis. Pricing varies among different countries and depends on individual partner offerings. Additional fees for implementation and consulting services may apply, depending on the selected partner and the terms and conditions of its service contract.



What is SAP Business One OnDemand from a technical perspective?

SAP Business One OnDemand is a deployment model for SAP Business One. SAP Business One OnDemand is hosted in a central data center, allowing customers remote access to the application via remote desktop services technology. Partners and customers benefit from sharing common resources, lower maintenance requirements, and the ability to scale elastically as companies grow and the number of users increases.



Does SAP Business One OnDemand have the same user interface (UI) as traditional on-premise SAP Business One?

Yes, the solution leverages the same UI and workflow tools as the on-premise version of SAP Business One.



What level of customization does SAP Business One OnDemand support?

The standard customization for SAP Business One is unchanged. The full range of certified add-on’s developed by our software solution and technology partners run in environments with SAP Business One OnDemand, and they offer the same extensibility and flexibility as SAP Business One on-premise environments. A single service unit is able to run multiple versions of the same add-on. If one tenant is ready to upgrade to a new add-on version, other tenants can continue to use the existing version and upgrade when they are ready.



Is traditional SAP Business One rearchitectured for SAP Business One OnDemand?

The current SAP Business One solution is client based: a slightly rearchitected SAP Business One application is centrally hosted in the cloud and accessed remotely on demand, meaning no software is installed on the end-user machine. Customers sign on using a Web browser, with their credentials bound to a user account on SAP Business One. However, the use of technologies, such as virtualization, allow the use of standardized application images. SAP Business One OnDemand reuses existing, proven business logic and leverages the extensive ecosystem of partners, customers, and add-ons.



What is the support model for SAP Business One OnDemand?

Similar to an on-premise installation of SAP Business One, Bluekey Software Solutions performs the implementation, configuration, customization, and support of SAP Business One OnDemand and serves as the main point of contact, providing first-level and second-level support.



How do I know what SAP Business One partner to choose for my SAP Business One OnDemand solution?

Your relationship with your SAP Business One partner is vital to the overall success of your implementation and can be the difference between your ERP solution’s success or failure.

Read this article to ensure you choose the right SAP Business One partner for your business.