SAP Business One OnDemand Benefits

SAP Business One OnDemand, a cloud-based solution for SAP Business One, provides small businesses or subsidiaries of large companies with a single software solution to manage critical business processes. You pay a monthly subscription fee per user, and Bluekey takes care of the rest.


Proven Software Deployed On Demand via the cloud


Tens of thousands of small businesses worldwide recognize the benefits of using SAP Business One ERP software. Designed specifically for small businesses, the software lets you integrate all the critical functions you need to run your entire business – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. It enables you to make decisions based  on the most updated information, streamlines processes, and accelerates profitable growth.


With the SAP Business One OnDemand solution, small businesses can realize the benefits of this software without the cost or complexity of an on-premise deployment. Managed and hosted by Bluekey, it provides Web-based access to our proven and powerful business management software. You can get up and running quickly for a predictable user fee that covers software, service, and support.


Get Started and Keep Moving


To get started with SAP Business One OnDemand, you would need to choose Bluekey as your SAP Business One partner in South Africa, sign up for the services you want, and you’re on your way to results. The software can be implemented faster than with an on-premise solution, and you’ll have SAP Business One partner, Bluekey, guiding you along the way to help ensure a smooth deployment.


As your needs change, you can adapt and extend the software with add-on solutions that have been built by our software solution and technology partners to fulfill industry-specific and other needs. SAP Business One OnDemand also provides worldwide coverage so you can confidently support your overseas operations.


Accelerate Your Time to Value


By leveraging a software-as-a-service model and the expertise of Bluekey, you can dramatically accelerate time to value with SAP Business One OnDemand. The software hosting is arranged by Bluekey, and you just pay to use it. You can select the number of users and duration of your agreement on the basis of your business needs.


SAP Business One OnDemand is automatically maintained and updated by Bluekey, so you always have the most current technology. Applications and servers are located in highly secure data centers that feature an array of physical and network safeguards to protect sensitive business data. With no hardware to manage or software to maintain, you can focus on your business, not IT.


Realize a Low Total Cost of Ownership


With SAP Business One OnDemand, you can streamline operations and increase business insight with minimal cost and complexity. Because the software is delivered as a service, you don’t need to hire experienced IT staff to manage and support your software and its underlying IT infrastructure. The software also increases your business agility so you can rapidly deploy support for business processes to take advantage of new opportunities.


How can you realize the benefits of integrated business management software without the time, cost, or resources required to implement an on-premise solution? Look to the cloud. With the SAP Business One OnDemand solution, you can get the essential business software your small business needs for a per-user subscription fee.


SAP Business One OnDemand Business Challenges

  • Improve access to information that can support decisions to manage your entire business
  • Eliminate duplicate data entries, errors, and delays
  • Free up cash spent on acquiring hardware and software
  • Manage IT infrastructure with minimal investment


SAP Business One OnDemand Key Features

  • Complete, integrated functionality – Deploy quickly with essential functionality and fulfill specialized needs with add-on solutions
  • Transparent costs – Maintain control with one payment that covers software, service, and support
  • Ongoing innovation – Stay current with the latest technology – hassle free – with a cloud solution that is automatically maintained and updated
  • World-class security – Rest easy knowing your data is being protected in secure data centers with an array of physical and network safeguards
  • Quality partner support – Deploy with confidence by working with the best SAP Business One partner in South Africa, Bluekey


SAP Business One OnDemand Business Benefits

  • Streamline operations and increase business insight with a complete, integrated, on-demand solution
  • Reduce IT cost by avoiding the large capital investment required by traditional software implementations
  • Minimize ongoing IT overhead by decreasing the need to hire experienced IT staff to manage and support your hardware and software
  • Increase business agility by rapidly deploying support for business processes to take advantage of new opportunities