SAP Business One Oil and Gas Solution

SAP Business One software for the Oil and Gas industry provided by Bluekey


A large amount of foreign investment has been injected into the East African oil and gas industry as a result of recent offshore discoveries and government policies for monetising the region’s reserve. These changes have positioned East Africa as the next lucrative international oil and gas market.


Economic growth and deregulation of this sector has led to an increased demand in the import, export and distribution of oil and gas products throughout Africa. This sector, once the exclusive domain of the oil majors, has opened up and companies are looking for operational efficiencies in an increasingly competitive environment. Businesses need to have the right tools to meet operational expectations and at the same time to reduce costs, provide end-to-end visibility across the business and supply chain, improve customer satisfaction and comply with strict sustainability, emissions, health and safety, and corporate governance standards.


SAP Business One Oil and Gas software is a proven ‘best practice’ solution for companies whose core focus is on the import, export, distribution, and marketing of oil and gas products.


Based on SAP Business One with its world-class financial, CRM and logistics capability the software extends to address key requirements of this sector:

  • Real time visibility of Profit & Loss by Service Lines/Depots/Products 
  • Procurement management processes
  • Open Tender System (OTS)/Bulk/Direct Procurement with all related landed costs
  • Accurate costing for inter-depot/loading points transfers
  • Integrated bond tracking updated through real time transactions and with alerts on status
  • Accurate stock updates (increase/decrease) using conversion factors based on density, temperature & the relevant conversion matrix
  • Automated sales process from customer order, PFI with online approvals based on credit terms, commitment limits and total exposure
  • Streamlined invoicing
  • Full depot management
  • Printing of loading orders/gate passes & invoices at depots
  • Stock localizations
  • Loss tracking


Bluekey has invested a significant amount of time and resources gathering information about the oil and gas sector. By consulting oil and gas industry professionals we have been able to develop a complete solution that satisfies the multitude of specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. As a result the SAP Business One Oil and Gas software solution includes the following unique business processes:

  • Multiple price lists based on loading points/depots
  • Ability to track both the observed quantity and quantity at 20 degrees
  • Crude processing to final products
  • Conversion of transit stocks to local stock with full costing
  • Inter-depot transfer at added costs
  • Online approval e.g. Sales approval based on total exposure, purchase orders approval etc.
  • Consignment Sales/Inter-state
  • Hospitality Management
  • Transporter loss tracking
  • Trip log functionality to track the trips taken by each truck
  • Bond management


SAP Business One Oil and Gas for Projects

Energy, oil and gas are quintessentially project-driven industries. Suppliers typically deal with a limited number of large projects per year with significant partner involvement and logistical issues. Machinery and plant is typically engineered-to-order with complex product characteristics.


SAP Business One Oil and Gas for Projects features:

Project planning – integrated graphical project planning with simultaneous insight into capacity and material requirements. Seamlessly connects procurement, sub-contractors, engineering, workshops and delivery.  Multi-project planning at company and department level


Capacity planning – graphical-based capacity planning using drag and drop. Activities and hours in the project can be allocated directly to resources (employees and machines)


Job costing and budget management – gain direct access to project margin, planned-vs.-actual budgets, and WIP. Extensive drill-down options to activities, material and labour


Time registration –book direct and indirect hours in time sheets with real-time roll-up to project costing. Data input can also be achieved remotely via a computer browser or select PDS devices


Full integration – between projects, resources, stock, financials, logistics and CRM


Multi-mode Invoicing – by milestone or progress, down payments etc. with invoicing linked to the project plan


Clear visibility – into revenue and costs for every individual project phase, and all projects in total


SAP Business One for Project Industries provides managers with specific tools to increase control, enhance transparency, and ensure that their business is operating in the most effective way.


As standard Bluekey’s solutions for Oil and Gas provide:

  • Work and process flows
  • Alerts to management and operational teams to ensure that key tasks are not missed
  • Online approvals based on customized business rules to increase business controls


Apart from industry-specific tools and controls the SAP Business One solutions for the Oil & Gas industry provides businesses with additional standard functionality that covers all the other major functions of a business. Quite often these processes are run from a myriad of spread sheets or non-integrated systems that are floating across the organisation with very little control and coherence. The SAP Business One Oil and Gas solution solves this all too common problem by providing businesses with a single, integrated, and easy to use solution that provides a platform for the business to operate as planned and grow without limitations.



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Download the SAP Business One Oil and Gas Brochure | PDF