SAP Business One – Improving Visibility, Response Time

Small businesses that can respond quickly to changing conditions often have the advantage; they can be more agile than larger companies – if they have easy access to accurate business process information.


One good example of this software is the SAP Business One solution. Designed specifically for small businesses, SAP Business One enables companies like yours to automate business processes and deliver an accurate, unified view of critical, up-to- the-minute information across all functional business areas. With 360-degree visibility into areas such as sales, finance, purchasing, warehouse management, and manufacturing, your executives can make better strategic and tactical decisions faster. This kind of visibility also helps increase the company’s responsiveness and profitability.


The SAP Business one ERP solution includes a “drag and relate” feature that gives people at all levels of your company end-to-end visibility of business operations. This feature makes it easy for users to drill down into company data and analyze results.


With its embedded customer relationship management functionality, SAP Business One integrates sales-force automation, sales pipeline tracking, opportunity management, strategic selling, campaign management and prospecting, and contract management. Its breadth of functionality gives you seamless visibility into different departments.


With this visibility into the entire process – not just into one department – you gain a more accurate understanding of your customers and their needs. As a  result, you can more easily discern where and how to make improvements in sales and service processes. The benefit: increased sales, improved efficiency, and greater profitability.


Integrated software not only enables operational efficiency, but it can also facilitate regulatory and contract compliance – an increasingly crucial issue for small businesses – by automatically tracking when required actions occur.


In addition, SAP Business One enables you to respond faster to changing conditions. Via a workflow feature, the application alerts or notifies appropriate employees when a preset threshold has passed, when you reach an anticipated number of sales, or when the number of parts available is getting low. The software automatically recommends a response to these events. It also triggers an alert when there is any breach of predefined business policy.


Finally, SAP Business One supports field service operations such as service contract management, service planning, tracking of customer interactions,customer support, and  management of sales opportunities. Your business can create a template for a warranty contract covering products or services. That template can be customized to include start and end dates as well as specific contract terms such as guaranteed response or resolution times.


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