Trail Balance in SAP Business One

The Trial Balance in SAP Business One displays a summary of all SAP Business One accounts and/or business partner balances.

To open the window, in SAP Business One choose Financials -> Financial Reports -> Financial -> Trial Balance.

Alternatively, open it from the Reports module within SAP Business One.









In SAP Business One you can either check on Business Partners (BP) which will only include Business Partners in the report, G/L Accounts only which will display the G/L Accounts in the report or you can check both Business Partners and G/L Accounts to display both the Business Partners and the G/L Account Trial Balance report.


If you want to display all your Business partners, it is best advised that you do not select any BP on the “from selection” menu in SAP Business One. On the to section menu you will select a BP up to which you would like to view.


Accounts with Balance of Zero in SAP Business One – report will include accounts with a balance of zero

Foreign Name – report displays the foreign names defined for G/L accounts.

Nothing is displayed for accounts for which a foreign name was not defined.

External Code – report displays external codes defined for G/L accounts.

Specify within SAP Business One whether to calculate the balance sheet for the entire year, or distributed according to months, quarters, or posting periods.











Opening balance for period in SAP Business One – Select this option when you need to differentiate between the balance of the selected posting period and that of the previous periods. When a date range of a current posting period is selected, you can select this check-box to display the bookkeeping balance prior to the selected date range in a separate column:


OB from Start of Company Activity – Displays the opening balance accumulated since the company’s activity started.

OB from Start of Fiscal Year – Displays the opening balance accumulated from the start of the current fiscal year.











Selected: SAP Business One Report includes period-end closing journal entries and balances of the selected posting period only. All profit and loss accounts in SAP Business One that were closed by the period-end closing process show a zero balance.

Closing Balance (CB) of Life-to-Date: Reports includes the closing balance from the system go life date to the end of the selected period.

Closing Balance (CB) before Selected Period Only: Reports includes the closing balance from the system go life date to the beginning of the selected period.



After defining the report, you can view it in the SAP Business One Trial Balance window.

You can also select the different levels to view your report.

Level two: Levels 2 to 4 are for either titles or accounts.


Level one:











Level four: