SAP Business One Profit and Loss Statement

The SAP Business One Profit and Loss Statement shows the profit (or loss) of your business for the fiscal year/ selected period. It explains the change in the company’s value.


The bookkeeping balance of the Profit and Loss accounts in SAP Business One has to be cleared at the end of each fiscal year – this is the Period End Closing.


The Profit and Loss Accounts in SAP Business One  – reflect the changes in the company value, such as: sell stock – cost of goods sold, increase revenues.










If you want to select all your statements you must leave the from date and select the last statement on the to date.

In SAP Business One you can select whether you want to do an annual report, Quarterly report, Monthly report or Periodic report.

Accounts in SAP Business One with Balance of Zero – report will include accounts with a balance of zero

Foreign Name – report displays the foreign names defined for G/L accounts. Nothing is displayed for accounts for which a foreign name was not defined.










Expanded Opens the Expanded Selection Criteria window, where you can define additional parameters for the report , you will select the parameters you want to apply, to optimize the range of transactions to display in the Profit and Loss, and specify the required date  range.

After you click the ok button, you will be able to view your profit and loss statement in SAP Business One, an example of one will be: