SAP Business One Consulting Companies

Service industries, such as consulting and software companies, operate in an increasingly demanding environment. Projects have to be processed quicker and in a more efficient and competitive way. Customers want precise professionally formatted cost reports delivered on-time. Project managers require a quick overview of their projects to ascertain profitability and the need for intervention. These requirements are no longer satisfied in a heterogeneous software environment. Using separate applications to record hours, plan projects, manage customer data, create invoices and do the bookkeeping is too slow, too error-prone and too expensive!


A more effective approach which more and more consulting and software companies are choosing is to use a project management solution that is tightly integrated with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to provide a comprehensive solution for consulting and software companies. That’s why they choose Project Management and SAP Business One, which together constitute SAP Business One for Consulting.


SAP Business One for Consulting is an integrated, affordable project management and accounting solution specifically designed for the needs of midsize companies. The project management solution caters for the entire workflow of these companies through a uniform user interface, from planning and data recording to data clearance and financial analysis. The solution provides authorised users with on-demand access to all the critical information they need to make better business decisions.

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  • Complete project life-cycle – handles the complete project life-cycle for consulting companies, from multiple initial proposals and costing to resources allocation, costing and billing
  • Plan and execute projects efficiently
  • Respond faster and more flexibly to customer needs
  • Ascertain profitability at a glance
  • Access critical information irrespective of location and time



  • A completely integrated solution eliminating duplicate entry, time delays and costly, error-prone workarounds
  • Better cash-flow and profitability
  • Improved resource allocation and utilization
  • Powerful controlling and reporting: Residual Volumes, Degree of Completion, Breakeven Analysis etc
  • Web-based Support Desk improves cost recovery, customer service and resolution time
  • Easy-to-use, affordable solution with a short implementation cycle