SAP Business One, Analytics powered by SAP HANA

SAP Business One, Analytics powered by SAP HANA delivers in-memory technology and analytics innovations without disruption to daily business. The ground breaking in-memory technology is available inside a seamless user experience.


Transactions and Master Data are replicated real-time from the SAP Business One database server to the SAP Business Analytics server. The data is stored in a columnar data base using the in-memory technology. On top of the transactional data in the SAP HANA database, there is a semantic superior performance. In addition to the new technology, SAP provides new analytics content which can be consumed through Crystal reports, dashboards, and MS Excel pivot tables via the SAP Business One cockpit and menus. The HANA Studio allows extending the semantic layer and developing new analytics.


SAP Business One, Analytics powered by SAP HANA Predefined Models – Interactive Analysis

  • Cost center analysis
  • Cost account vs. financial
  • accounting
  • Budget analysis
  • Aging analysis
  • Inventory turnover analysis
  • Dynamic cash prediction
  • Sales opportunity analysis
  • Sales revenue analysis


SAP Business One, Analytics powered by SAP HANA Functional Highlights – Enterprise Search

  • Seamless SAP Business One client experience
  • Hierarchical search in all SAP
  • Business One modules
  • Full text search for all business object types
  • Narrow down options per business object type
  • Link to SAP Business One form
  • Compliant with SAP Business
  • One data ownership concept
  • Ease navigation with business object map
  • Report & printing


The benefits of SAP Business One, Analytics powered by SAP HANA

With the analytics now available for SAP Business One, you benefit from:

  • Better, faster decision making thanks to fast reporting and enterprise search functions
  • More efficient and empowered employees because they can generate standard, ad hoc, and live reporting using Microsoft Excel – without IT assistance
  • Greater return on investment – by fully leveraging the transactional and operational data being created and stored in SAP Business One for better, faster business decisions
  • Analytics and reporting – Create and run reports on up-to-date data in SAP Business One in seconds, without IT assistance, and perform what-if analysis with the data you use most
  • Productivity tools – Use predefined content and multidimensional data sources to analyse data and build reports, and use Microsoft Excel to explore and investigate real-time data
  • Predefined dashboards and reports – Gain access to a variety of pre-built reports, customized around the business processes you use most
  • Search – Find and access all data in SAP Business One with freestyle enterprise search





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