SAP Business One 9.1

SAP Business One 9.1 Highlights




SAP has continued to invest in extending the core functionality of  SAP Business One across a number of different business functions and has provided details into the second release in the Release Family 9, SAP Business One version 9.1.  The features present in SAP Business One 9.1 build on the features introduced in the major release upgrade, SAP Business One 9.0.


By introducing a centralized implementation framework and extending the current implementation tools, SAP Business One 9.1 makes SAP Business One easier to implement, and with improved integration, a number of SAP Business One extensions are now fully integrated into the core product offering. SAP Business One 9.1 also includes a number of SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA upgrades and feature enhancements.


SAP Business One 9.1 – Overview

  • Planned new versions: SAP Business One 9.1 and SAP Business One 9.1, version for SAP HANA
  • Release to customer is currently planned for end of Q2 2014
  • One common code base for SAP HANA database and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Focus on functional improvements and simplifications of implementing, operating, and using SAP Business One


Business logic and localization

Enhanced Production Module

New Resources Module


  • New module to manage and plan resource capacity
  • Ability to capture machine, labor or other resources with associated costs
  • Linked to fixed assets and employee data
  • Accounts to be used defined in advanced account determination


  • Visibility of available capacity to avoid bottlenecks and optimize production plan
  • Resource costs are included in the final product cost


Bill of Materials (BoM)


  • New line item types in BoM: resource, text
  • Option to group line items based on process flow
  • Option to mass update BoMs: add/remove lines
  • Values in identical UDFs carried over from BoM to production order


  • Process orientated BoM structure
  • Easy maintenance of BoM


Production Process


  • Possibility to edit production order to match the production process flow
  • Additional line types inherited from BoM
  • Option to include additional quantities e.g. required for production process setup
  • Ability to define WIP account on row level


  • Tailored production order structure reflecting production process
  • Precise WIP data
  • More accurate planning data
  • Ability to share instructions via production order


Inventory Item Cost Valuation

Based on serial and batch


  • New valuation method available for serial numbered and batch-managed items
  • The cost of an item is managed on the serial or batch number level


  • Cost variances can be reflected in the product profitability
  • Profitability can be calculated for a specific serial number or batch


Multiple Branches

Manage Business by Branches in one Database/Localization


  • Ability to create transactions for separate branches in one database.
  • Centralized stock management per branch.
  • Bank transactions can be managed from the same database with centralized payment capability.
  • All financial transactions will be separated by branches.
  • Option to have different document numbering per branch.
  • Separate accounting setup and G/L account determination per branch within one chart of accounts.
  • Customer receivables aging and vendor liabilities aging per branch.
  • Possibility to assign branches to business partners.



  • Manage business by branches*, in one DB/Localization e.g. product lines, business units, market segment, stores
  • Increased transparency



Additional Data Sources


  • Introduction of field Component Warehouse in Item Master Data, Planning Tab
  • Possibility to select Component Warehouse for make items in Item Master Data, Planning Tab
  • Additional selection criteria for documents to be included in MRP
  • Option to set Inventory Level to Maximum if inventory quantity is less than minimum
  • Option to select multiple MRP forecasts for MRP recommendations > selection screen will open
  • In addition, MRP forecasts support zero-quantity items
  • Option to change the Order Type in the Order Recommendation



  • Ability to more flexibly optimize MRP execution
  • More possibilities to optimize the MRP process


Blanket Agreement Enhancements

More Selection Criteria


  • Possibility to run the blanket agreement fulfillment report by: item group, item properties, vendor group, vendors properties
  • Authorizations moved to sales AR and Purchasing AP – scope expanded
  • Option to select payment method in the blanket agreement – applied when drawn



  • Better usability
  • User role based access control


Advanced G/L Account Determination

User Interface Improvement


  • Ability to export the preview display of the ‘Advanced G/L Account Determination Rules’ form to Excel
  • Added Determination Criteria button to the Advanced G/L Account Determination rules form



  • Easier investigation, reading and cross checking of the expected rules before migration


Maximum Weight Allocation Restriction

In Bin Locations


  • Postings of goods to bin locations can be restricted by weight
  • A maximum weight can be defined for each bin location
  • The weight per UoM is be defined per item



  • Control weight restrictions of bin locations
  • Avoid weight overload and risk of accidents


Weight Factor for Unit Conversion

For Simplified Unit of Measure Setup


  • New weight field for UoM conversion in item master inventory tab
  • UoM conversion can use item weight
  • Use case example: If a company sells several items by weight, but manages them in a different UoM in the inventory, the UoM Group definition can be simplified
  • Further, UoM Conversion can use an item UDF in the same way



  • Reduced effort with a simplified UoM setup


Price List Enhancements

Copy Price Reduction on Unit of Measure level


  • Possibility to mass update prices in price list
  • UoM items in a price list can be copied to UoM items in any other price lists



  • Easy management of pricing updates


Pick and Pack Enhancements

For Optimized Pick Processes


  • Generate and view pick lists via context menu in A/R reserve invoices, inventory transfer requests, and production orders
  • Additional parameters for splitting in the Pick List Generation Wizard



  • Start picking process directly from document
  • More flexibility to handle pick processes


Fixed Assets

Cost Center Support


  • Cost center information supported in A/R documents and fixed assets sales documents
  • Cost center and project information automatically populated in documents from fixed assets master data
  • Ability to cancel depreciation runs
  • Transfers within an asset class – possibility to select between zero out postings and no postings



  • More easily track internal costs for your fixed assets
  • Automate the recording of cost information


Extended Tax Reporting

Advanced Solution to Tax Reporting


  • BAS Codes Setup offers a range of options in designing structure and rules for specific tax declarations
  • Existing functionality enabled in more localizations (CY, FR, AT, IT, PA, JP, PL, HU, CH, SE, DK, KR, FI, NO, SE, ZA, CN)



  • Automatically includes new postings in reports you have created and saved
  • Offers users and partners the capability to build financial and tax reports from scratch by referring to financial objects such as tax codes, G/L accounts, ad-hoc manual inputs and formulas
  • Provides easy & precise tracking of documents reported to authorities
  • Can be used as a base for electronic reporting


Default Values

for Accelerated Implementation


  • New chart of accounts + determination rules + simplified UI template for small businesses in the US*
  • New chart of accounts + determination rules + simplified UI template for small businesses in Mexico*
  • Document numbering defaults for Belgium



  • Accelerated implementation for small businesses in selected countries

Reporting and analytics

SAP Crystal Reports 2013

Further Enrichment’s to support Partner and Customer

Enhancements: What’s new in SAP Crystal Reports products:

  • Streamlined report design
  • Improvements to data sources
  • Mobile and viewer support
  • OEM and developer features

Lifecycle management and support

Lifecycle Management

Remote Support Platform for SAP HANA


  • RSP supports both SAP Business One on SAP HANA database and on Microsoft SQL Server
  • RSP processes and reports adapted to SAP HANA database



  • Reduced TCO for customers and partners due to automation, faster installation and reliable upgrades as well as simplified landscape management (supportability and maintainability)
  • Less time and money spent on maintenance and support

Extensibility / SDK

Enhanced lifecycle management for extensions

New light-weight approach for Add-On deployment


  • Add-Ons are no longer required to use InstallShield or equivalent 3rd party tools to do lifecycle management. It is now managed end-to-end by SAP Business One
  • Combine different Add-On binaries for 32/64 bit as well as related Extreme App in one Extension package
  • Remote deployment & management via Extension Manager platform
  • Integrated development experiences with SAP Business One Studio



  • Simplified extension development & lifecycle management including add-ons & extreme apps
  • Remote control the extension lifecycle management easily without end-user interaction or system administration privilege

Infrastructure and architecture

Permission Groups

Role-Based User Administration


  • Permission groups enable customers to define role-based authorizations in SAP Business One
  • Administrators can create permission groups containing sets of general authorizations
  • A user can be assigned to one or multiple groups



  • Reduced effort for user administration


Hiding Business Functions

For Faster Implementation


  • Option to remove unused functions from the user interface at company level, such as:
  • Budget
  • Payment Wizard
  • Dunning Wizard
  • Cost Accounting
  • Serial Numbers and Batches
  • Production
  • MRP
  • Units of Measures
  • Company level settings changeable at any time
  • Configuration via Express Configuration Wizard or General Settings



  • Switching off complete business functions makes implementation faster.


Configurable framework to hide UI items

Adaptable UIs for Simplification


  • Option to hide, inactivate and relocate fields
  • Configurable UI templates which can be assigned at the company and user level
  • Personalized adaptation by user possible



  • Simplified UIs improve user experience and productivity
  • Further refinement of the authorization concept: A user can only view or edit information on their own authorization


Data Import via Excel

More options and fields supported


  • Import changes without adding new records
  • Additional fields for BPs and items including object properties and UDFs are supported



  • More data import and integration scenarios can be covered by the Excel import tool, including migration


Maximize Grid

Simply enlarge


  • Ability to maximize the grid to the whole form size or switch it back to the normal size by just one click



  • Improve user experience for documents with high number of items


Copy & Paste between SAP Business One Grids and Excel

For Editing Data in Excel


  • Copy complete transaction item table to Excel
  • Paste a selected table area from Excel to SAP Business One transaction item table



  • Enable end user to edit large table data in their familiar UI (Excel)


Simplified E-Mail and Printing

Scope Enhancements


  • Option to assign business partner contacts to an e-mail group. E.g., you could create an e-mail group for “accounting” so that SAP Business One can send e-mails to a department instead of just one contact.
  • Two new output methods available when adding a marketing document: Send e-mail and export to PDF
  • Ability to maintain a default e-mail subject and body for each document (static text only)
  • Ability to send selected documents from a list as e-mails to recipients



  • More options for sending documents to partners via e-mail

SAP Business One 9.1, version for SAP HANA