SAP Business One 9.0 Multiple Units of Measure

Managing inventory with more than one Unit of Measure (UoM) for different items as well as managing the same item with different UoM’s in different types of transactions (like sales, purchase, etc.) are both common occurrences in any inventory management process.


Up to now SAP Business One has been processing these tasks with ease, but now with the arrival of extended multiple Units of Measure in SAP Business One 9.0, an additional task can now be processed in SAP Business One. What SAP Business One 9.0 allows you to do is create with more than one Unit of Measure for the same item. By creating Unit of Measure groups we can setup the conversion from one unit to another within the specified group. SAP Business One will now automatically convert the quantity as per the selected Unit of Measure’s conversion factor in the corresponding group.


In SAP Business One a Unit of Measure can be used in multiple groups, which is why an additional field has been added to the SAP Business One item master data. This Unit of Measure group in the SAP Business One item master data defines the conversion factor to be used in subsequent documents. In SAP Business One 9.0 it is possible to set up different Unit of Measure’s for the same item and not limit it to unit conversion. This helps in setting up volume discounts for items in SAP Business One.


On document creation, the availability check of the item is also done in the same unit that is selected in the document. In addition to this, the price report can help to do a quick unit specific price list check. Within the item master data in SAP Business one you can also define how the packing will be done and what the various packaging types at the different levels of Unit of Measure can be.


The major setups of this new feature found in SAP Business One 9.0 can be found in the administration module in SAP Business One. Setting up the group definitions in SAP Business One is a primary configuration for Multiple Units of Measures in SAP Business One 9.0.