SAP Business One 9.0 Advanced GL Account Determination

SAP Business One GL Account Determination in SAP Business One 9.0 enables us to customize financial accounts’ mapping (determination) with various business transactions in such a way that the SAP Business One Financials module automatically gets updated upon manipulation of various documents in SAP Business One 9.0.


In previous versions of SAP Business One one could set the determination rules per “Warehouse”, “Item Group”, and “Item”, and it had to be done through the corresponding interfaces. But, with the release of SAP Business One 9.0, with the introduction of Advanced GL Account Determination, it is now possible to extend the account mapping over and above existing mappings to additional dimensions named – “BP Groups”, “Ship to country”, and “Ship to state.” Apart from the SAP Business One GL Account mapping extension to now include more dimensions, now the determination rules in SAP Business One 9.0 can be setup through a central interface instead of different interfaces.


On activation of the option for Advanced GL Account Determinationin SAP Business One 9.0 the existing GL account mappings will be migrated to the new centralized structure for determination rules. So the old account determinations in the SAP Business One item master data, item groups, and warehouse will be completely removed.


Multiple account determination on transactions in SAP Business One can sometimes be conflicting, so in SAP Business One 9.0 priorities are provided to avoid determination conflicts, and in SAP Business One 9.0 you are also able to customize the determination priorities. There are two types of priorities in the new SAP Business One 9.0 GL account determination structure –primary and secondary. The primary priority can be setup in “Determination Criteria” and the secondary priority can be setup in the “Advanced G/L Account Determination Rules” by changing the row position of the rules.


To find out more about Advanced GL Account Determincation in SAP Business One 9.0 please watch this video: