SAP Business One Version 8.82

With the new release of SAP Business One comes new and enhanced user functions. This page briefly describes major functional enhancements and modifications implemented in SAP Business One 8.82. If you require any addition information to what is provided, please contact us. It is also important to note that these are specific to Bluekey and South Africa.

Below you will find a summarised list of the enhancements you can find in SAP Business One version 8.82. To find out more about each of the sections, please click on the content you would like to see.

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SAP Business One Accounting

  • Automatic System Reconciliation of Interim Accounts


SAP Business One Banking

  • Payment Wizard Enhancements
  • Payment Order Run


SAP Business One Sales and Purchasing

  • Posting Dunning Fees and Interest Automatically
  • Credit Memos Without Inventory Movement
  • Credit Memos for Reserve Invoices
  • Posting Date for Goods Receipt POs and Goods Returns


SAP Business One Business Partners

  • Activity Enhancement
  • Displaying Employee Activities, Absence and Education on Calendar
  • Enabling Two-Way Connection Between Employee Master Data and Users or Sales Employees/Buyers
  • Filtering and Sorting Sales Employees/Buyers
  • Blanket Agreements
  • Campaign Management


SAP Business One Inventory

  • Serial and Batch Item Allocation Enabled in Pick and Pack
  • Creating Deliveries and A/R Invoices in Pick and Pack
  • Serial and Batch Item Allocation Enhancements
  • Pick and Pack Enhancements


SAP Business One Master Data

  • Master Data Cleanup
  • BP and Item Master Data Series


SAP Business One Production

  • Make to Order
  • Search Box


SAP Business One Cockpit

  • Purchasing Cockpit
  • Dashboard Parameters
  • Cash Flow Forecast Dashboard
  • Purchase Orders Dashboard
  • Purchase Quotations Dashboard


SAP Business One Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • MRP Wizard
  • Order Recommendations Report
  • Inventory Transfer Request
  • Week Numbering
  • Forecast


SAP Business One Service Management

  • Calendar Displays Service Calls