SAP Business One vs. SAP Business One Starter Package

The SAP Business One Starter Package is a version of this industry-proven solution, SAP Business One, that captures the best features for small businesses at a reduced price. Available through Bluekey, the SAP Business One Starter Package is a preconfigured solution for up to five software users, which usually can be implemented at a fixed price. It’s tailored to the needs of a small business and, depending on the scope of the project, allows you to get up and running in 10 to 15 days.


The SAP Business One Starter Package addresses basic accounting, financial, sales, customer relationship management, purchasing, and inventory processes. And if your business needs change, you can upgrade to the full version of SAP Business One. Simply import your new licenses, and you’ll be ready to run with the extended functionality. You don’t have to buy new software, disrupt operations, or migrate your data. The SAP Business One Starter Package is ideal for growing companies that need more than standard accounting software, are limited by spreadsheets or non-integrated business software, and want to realize the efficiency, visibility, and control that a fully integrated business management solution delivers. Below is a functionality comparison between SAP Business One and SAP Business One Starter Package:

































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