Responsiveness – doing the right thing, right now

How can data visibility help you respond faster to customer demands and market changes?


Here are two examples:


Clothing retailer (find out more about the SAP Business One retail solution) with several stores 

Taking advantage of new technology that enables easy access to business process data, a manager sees that sales recasts call for increased sweater sales in a particular store. The manager quickly increases shipments to that location, reducing the possibility that customers will arrive to find the sweater shelves empty.


With an integrated and accurate view of your customers and business processes, you can deploy your limited resources effectively to maximize profit potential and minimize inefficiencies.


Company that sells and installs computers and networking gear 

Leveraging new functionality that provides an overview of the company’s business processes, a manager sees a spike in service requests for a particular product. The manager takes a positive and proactive approach to this data, jumps on it as an opportunity, and contacts other purchasers of that same product to offer services or replacements.


Agility Increasingly Important


The ability to respond quickly, even proactively, is becoming ever more critical as the pace of global business increases. In this respect, small businesses often have the advantage; they can be more agile than larger companies – if they have easy access to accurate business process information. Fast access to real-time data enhances your company’s ability to see change coming, understand its implications, and take appropriate action.


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