Ramburg Beef is a leading abattoir and meat wholesaler in South Africa

Bluekey specialises in the implementation of SAP Business One, the market leading business software solution for small to medium sized companies.
We offer a total solution, from networking through data take-on and system setup to management reporting. Our business is to make your business more productive and profitable – through the implementation of the best software technologies.


During the 1970’s Nelspruit Abattoir was built by the Nelspruit Municipality as a service abattoir. During 2001 Vleissentraal Limited purchased the abattoir from OTK and operated it in the name of Skillfull 166 (Pty) Ltd. In 2005 MS Teck Farming (Pty) Ltd purchased a 31% share in Skillfull and Mr MS Tecklenburg was appointed as Managing Director. In 2009 the company sold 49% of its shares to Tshivhase Trust, the balance of the shares belonging to MS Teck Farming (Pty) Ltd. During 2010 the company changed its name to Ramburg Beef (Pty) Ltd. Ramburg beef aims to become the leading meat wholesaler to the Mpumalanga province as well as in Africa (Mozambique and Swaziland).


The decision to implement the SAP Business One Abattoir software stemmed from a need to get more than what their previous application was able to offer them. With no traceability of production and sales systems, management was unable to see the bigger picture through a lack of reporting ability and transparency. Manual integration and spreadsheets between the company and the software used valuable time in a company that is experiencing rapid growth and a need for a more complex and capable business integration solution. “We are of the opinion that SAP and Ramburg Beef could have a mutually beneficial future where we could provide the red meat abattoir market with a ‘better’ integrated system and ground breaking access to information” says Clyde Langenberg, Financial Manager of Ramburg Beef.


Converting to the far superior and advanced SAP Business One was a challenge for Ramburg Beef as there was a complete mind shift that had to occur for the benefits to become evident. There were also hardware constraints that, once implemented, got them on par with the latest technological developments. Langenberg says, “There were three areas we wanted to address to take our business to the next level. Traceability of stock (from feedlot to retailer), improved access to information and a fully integrated production, sales and accounting system was taken care of with SAP Business One”.


Improved stock management, full financial integration, complete stock/sales traceability, no need to manually capture information for reporting in excel, and no need to recapture data into an accounting system are some of the benefits that Ramburg Beef experienced after implementing SAP Business One. When considering what the implications of these benefits are Langenberg sums it up as, “better control = improved productivity = increased sales”.


With the advent of the new Consumer Protection Act and other industry specific legislation, Ramburg Beef now has the ability to accurately track and trace all products and batches – providing a better service to both their retail stores and local butchers.


“The Bluekey team were very knowledgeable and provided interesting solutions to challenges faced. The team were willing and able and problems were resolved timeously”. Clyde Langenberg, Financial Manager, Ramburg Beef.


Modules and Functions

  • Slaughter Planning
  • Grading
  • Supplier Account Processing
  • Transfers
  • De-Boning
  • Wholesale
  • POS


  • Live integration to GL
  • Live integration to Stock Module
  • Live integration to Cashbook
  • Full ERP integration
  • Authorisation and Traceability
  • Single system solution

Reports and Automation

  • Full stock traceability from farmer to customer
  • Stock Ageing report (By carcase)
  • RMAA reports
  • Meat export documentation
  • Prints Bar-coded tags for carcases and Deboning
  • All transfers and sales done with scanners
  • Point of sale system can use touch screens
  • Scale integration

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  1. Amanda Potgieter

    Good Day, Do you have any vacancies available as QA Manager. Regards Amanda 0763575636

  2. Hi Amanda,

    We do not have any vacancies currently.

    Thank you

  3. Shoallen


    I would like to know if you are selling beef body fat and if you do, for what price are you selling it for per kilogram.


  4. Irvin

    I would like to know if you can supply me with cattle heads,will need about 50 a day,or as you can supply.

    • bluekey

      Hi Irvin,

      We have sent your request on to them, but please can you also send your request to Clyde from Ramburg Beef as a back-up? His details are listed in the comment above and I am sure they will be able to provide you with the information you require.


  5. Dinah Coetzer

    Good afternoon,

    I am the service delivery manager at AFGRI (old OTK) involved with our Poultry Breeder, broiler and abattoir operations.

    We implemented SAP in October 2010 but not on the production floor and Point of sales. Do you use SAP Business ONE for barcoding and labeling in production as well as for point of sales?

    thank you


    • bluekey

      Hi Dinah,

      Thank you for your inquiry regarding SAP Business One production and point of sale. I have sent you DM to discuss this in further detail.

      Kind Regards,
      Bluekey Team

    • bluekey

      Good Afternoon Dinah,

      Have you received the email that was sent to you? If not, can you please contact me at cj@bluekey.co.za so I can get someone to chat to about your needs?

      Kind Regards,
      Bluekey Team


    • bluekey

      Hi Sfiso,

      As we are the partner who implemented their business management solution – SAP Business One – we are unable to answer your request. Kindly contact Clyde from Ramburg Beef on clyde@ramburg.co.za and he will be able to assist you.

      Kind Regards,
      The Bluekey Team

  7. meriska

    Hi there i would like to know if you have a web site or price list for wholesales please

    • bluekey

      Hi Mariska,

      Thank you for your inquiry, however, you would need to contact Ramburg Beef directly to find the answer you are looking for. Your can get hold of Clyde at clyde@ramburg.co.za

      Kind Regards,
      The Bluekey Team

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