Production features in SAP Business One 8.82

SAP Business One 8.82 Production


Make to Order

SAP Business One 8.82 supports a demand-driven production approach, allowing a product to be scheduled and built based on a confirmed order received from a customer. To create a production order based on a sales order, you can use the procurement confirmation wizard, which guides you through the document creation process step by step. You can start the wizard by choosing the Procurement Document checkbox on the sales order, or directly from the Production module in the SAP Business One main menu. In addition, in the production order you can see which sales order the document is related to.


Search Box

You can now use the SAP Business One search box without enabling the cockpit function. Using the search box you can easily perform the following searches in SAP Business One:

  • Menu search: Locate window-level menus so that you will not have to navigate in the Main Menu to find a window
  • Data search: Locate items, business partners, and documents using the search box


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Production functionality in SAP Business One 8.82