Present in over 30 countries, Iway Africa Services needed complete business integration

Iway was formed to provide high-end satellite data network solutions for corporates, banks and government organizations in East & Central Africa. They have over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunication sector, 10 of which have been building VSAT networks in East Africa. Iway holds Public Data Communication Licenses in Tanzania and Uganda also has a commercial VSAT Network Operator license in Kenya. They have an ever-growing Africa wide presence currently spanning 30 countries, and represented by over 50 distributors. Iway provides quality communications solutions and has deployed over 6,000 active Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) making it one of the largest VSAT companies in Africa. They currently have more than 58,000 corporate customers and their expertise lies in designing, installing and operating satellite networks to suit customer requirements.


The need to implement a fully integrated ERP solution arose from three main challenges that the company was facing. The first challenge was that of multiple systems that were being used throughout the company that were not integrated—reducing the effectiveness of daily operations. Reporting is another key area that needed to be addressed. A lack of transparency and access to information, through multiple systems, increased decision making time and procurement procedures. These challenges resulted in poor controls and it is for this reason that Iway implemented SAP Business One.


“We decided to go with SAP because of its reputation, the centralised data solution that they offer with minimal customisation, and the strong local support that is available” Ajay Raghwani, Financial Manager, Iway Africa Services.


The SAP Business One solution implemented for Iway Africa Services covers financials, inventory, payables, account receivables, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. What this means for Iway is that their staff are more productive and spend fewer hours at work – lowering cost to company through reduced overtime hours. Raghwani says, “There are far more opportunities and options to work with to get a more detailed view, especially on the financials. With all these options one gets a better view and feedback on the financial position of the company. The options of comparing with previous months/years ,or any period as a matter of fact, is very useful”.


With the implementation of SAP Business one, the complete ERP solution for SME’s, came clear benefits. Benefits beyond their challenges of running multiple systems that were not integrated, experiencing difficulty in reporting and poor controls were experienced, which gave Iway the perfect opportunity to grow and develop their already impressive footprint. SAP Business one provided the opportunity for a single solution that integrates multiple companies (subsidiaries) in multiple countries through SAP NetWeaver. The multi currency feature that SAP Business One offers allows multiple companies, in multiple countries with multiple currencies to integrate into one system. This reduces the man hours required to do currency conversions and human error that may occur from time to time by automating this process.


Raghwani says that “through the skilled and knowledgeable implementation partner (Bluekey)” they are now experiencing stable, profitable business growth that provides them with a 360 degree view of their business.


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