Moonlighting Commercials SAP Business One ROI Study

Moonlighting’s core focus is production services for commercials, films and stills.

Company Name: Moonlighting Commercials
Industry: Films and Film Production
Number of Employees: Highly variable
SAP Business One users: 12
Previous System: Pastel Partner
Return on Investment: Within 1 year
Key Modules: General Ledger, Cashbook, Purchasing

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Established in Cape Town by Philip Key in 1989, they have earned the trust of filmmakers, commercial production companies and Hollywood studios from over 30 countries globally. With offices in Chile, Romania and South Africa, they now also have access to a broad range of location and budgetary options to ensure the right production service solution.


By 2007 Moonlighting’s incumbent accounting solution could no longer cope with the varied demands from the production environment – the biggest problem being a complete lack of control on project expenditure. The decision was made to implement SAP Business One, as the controls afforded by project accounting and workflow approvals coupled with the system’s flexibility was deemed to be an excellent fit.


Moonlighting is overjoyed that the system managed to return its investment within a single year, despite the fact that the company had not grown due to the global economic downturn! “The system provides rock solid control, yet is extremely easy to use. We now require fewer administrative staff which reduced company overheads, and the built-in project expenditure approvals has resulted in a drastic reduction of wanton spend”, says Karen Kleynhans, Moonlighting’s Financial Manager.


“Bluekey customised the system to our exact requirements. We provide a wide range of services and now these are all available in a single integrated and controlled environment. What’s more, we can pull really complex reports in real-time! A personal favourite is also the SQL database – with some help from ‘SQL for Dummies’ I’ve been able to modify reports to suit our changing requirements. I’d never imagined we’d be able to take such total ownership!”


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