Majestic Print chooses SAP Business One to streamline operations

SAP Business One provides Majestic Print with the integration, insight, flexibility and functionality they need to become a best-run business


Majestic Printing Works Ltd. is one of East Africa’s leading high end print houses. The family-owned business was established in the 1940’s and has since developed into a successful, one-stop printing house with a presence throughout East Africa. Majestic Printing Works provides a full range of printing services ranging from short run colour printing using digital printing methods through to larger print runs that make use of advanced lithography.


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Their previous system had many shortfalls and lacked the insight and functionality that a growing business requires. Do to the fact that many transactions were completed manually and accounts outsourced, Majestic Print lacked real-time access to up-to-date critical business data. This lack of access to information resulted in little control over their systems and procedures. “Errors and duplications became a daily occurrence without the authorisations, alerts and approvals management needed to stay on top of finances with reconciliations needing to take place to cross check manual data with that of the outsourced system.” Sunil Bhatt, Director, Majestic Printing Works. Other business functions that were negatively affected by their disjointed system was a lack of sales integration, lack of control in the purchasing cycle, struggling cash flow and difficulty in retrieving the costing and details on previously completed jobs.


The daily challenges Majestic Printing Works were facing resulted in the decision to consider an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that could provide them with management reporting, automation of key processes, increased control, improved cash-flow and increased efficiency and profitability. “SAP Business One is a completely integrated and centralised system that provided us with the flexibility and control we needed to run the business the way we wanted to. Upholding a brand of success is very important to us, and we now consider ourselves to be a best-run business by having joined the list of great companies running on SAP,” says Bhatt.


“We have improved our cash flow by improving collections by more than 30%. This was achievable through alerts of invoices due in 15 days, allowing us to plan follow-up calls well in advance.”


The ERP solution implemented at Majestic Printing Works was the leading solution for small to mid-sized enterprises (SME) -SAP Business One. The specific SAP Business One solution implemented covered the sales, purchasing, financials, administration, business partners and reporting functions as well as customisation on non-standard costing of the printing works (bill of materials with stock and non-stock items). Bhatt says, “The transition to SAP Business One was challenging for us as most of the items were being done manually. Bluekey’s project methodology, their experience, and more importantly their change management skills really contributed to us having a successful transition.”


Since the successful transition onto SAP Business One, Majestic Printing Works has experienced the benefits of a tried and tested integrated ERP solution. They have stream-lined their sales cycle and improved conversions of sales quotations by almost 20%. The ability to generate management reports has led to better control over stock, provided insight into the business, gave them access to real-time information and allowed them to make better and more informed decisions. They have increased their customer service by being able to retrieve previous job costs and orders, reducing duplications and time spent on each order. Bhatt says, “We have improved our cash flow by improving collections by more than 30%. This was achievable through alerts of invoices due in 15 days, allowing us to plan follow-up calls well in advance.”


Throughout the implementation of SAP Business One, Bluekey provided the support and insight they needed to make this system their own and get their business to where they wanted it to be. “The Bluekey team demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in the SAP Business One product, and possessed a vast skills set in the areas of business process flow, accounting and various industries. They were dedicated to the project and made sure that the project was completed on time and within budget. A contributing factor to the project success and our confidence in Bluekey was the upfront blueprinting that they insisted on doing. This document served as our main reference point of the implementation and through workshops provided realistic deadlines and guidance to all the parties involved,” says Bhatt.


“We achieved our return on investment (ROI) after 12 months, mostly due to the increased conversion rate of sales quotations and increased business insight. We envisage robust growth in quality and volumes that will catapult the company to one of the market leaders in the African region,” concludes Bhatt.


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