Jannderee ESP SAP Business One ROI

“As a local concern, we have a system that is streets ahead of our multinational competitors” – Chris Young, MD.

Company Name: Jannderee ESP
Industry: Manufacturing – Food Flavours
Number of Employees: 50
SAP Business One users: 15
Previous System: BMS
Implementation Cost: R700k
Return on Investment: Within 6 months

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Jannderee ESP is a fast-growing business – creating, manufacturing and supplying flavours for foods, beverages and healthcare products made and sold by companies in Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands and Europe.


The company is unwavering in its commitment to quality, relentlessly striving to exceed international quality standards, and as a result, has a strong quality systems background. But, Jannderee ESP’s business processes and administrative systems were not keeping up.


“The trouble was that we had reams and reams of data but very little information that we could actually use. We were patching our system with ‘plasters’ to get the information we needed but even then, we did not trust the information when we saw it. Data quality was a major concern,” says Chris Young, Managing Director of Jannderee. With complex creation and manufacturing processes, over 250 clients and 270 suppliers, the company needed one integrated, streamlined system.


There was no question – SAP Business One, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small to medium businesses, was the way to go. Jannderee ESP consulted with Bluekey Software Solutions, a South Africa-based technology company that specialises in the implementation of SAP Business One.


The implementation kicked-off in April 2008 and was completed within seven months. Jannderee ESP now runs one fully-integrated system that has resulted in increased profit and significant cost reductions, particularly in respect of the time and resources required to run one versus a plethora of databases and systems. The company’s stock management capabilities have also improved, with the result that it carries less stock. “Best of all is that we have ‘push-of-a-button’ access to the information we need to run the business on a daily basis, and we can trust the information because data integrity is no longer an issue. Reports that used to take in excess of three days to run can now be run in less than a minute.”


Young concludes: “As a local concern, we have a system (SAP Business One) that is streets ahead of our multinational competitors. It is a system that affords us unprecedented control of the business, allowing us to run it in the most optimal and most profitable way.”

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