Inventory Planning for SAP Business One

VALOGIX® Inventory Planner is seamlessly integrated into SAP Business One, providing automated forecasting, replenishment, and optimization at the tips of your fingers.

VALOGIX Planner gives you instant visibility to all warehouses, field stock, customer locations, and everything in between. Optimization provides exceptional value by reducing inventory, controlling new purchases and improving customer service.

For: Audio, Automotive, Building Materials, Consumer, Construction, Electrical, Food and Beverage, HVAC, Industrial, Lawn & Garden, Medical & Dental, Plumbing, or any type of distributor.

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Item Master Demand History & Forecasting

The Valogix-built algorithms include trend, seasonal, and multiplicative models like Season-Trend or Trend-Season. Forecasting ‘new’ items is simple and easy using Proxy History or Supersede History. This enables the user to set a forecast by referencing the history of an existing item. VALOGIX Planner automatically sets optimal stocking quantities for each item at each location, creating dramatic costs savings while improving customer service levels.

Forecasting is automatic, requiring little to no user input to choosing which algorithm to use.


Automated Replenishment Planning

VALOGIX Planner recommends optimal stocking levels for all items at every location.  The system calculates the correct amount of stock needed to cover the expected demand for each item’s planning horizon. Then it recommends purchase orders, transfer orders and production orders. This makes more efficient use of critical company assets.

Automated replenishment planning eliminates guess work and manual effort, saving valuable time and money. The interactive replenishment reports allows you to plan for more items, order more frequently,  reduce stock levels and free-up cash.


Vendor Planning

The Vendor Planning feature allows you to plan replenishment’s by Vendor to create the most efficient purchase order. It provides quick visibility of minimum Vendor requirements includes dollar, volume, weight and quantity. You can meet Vendor Freight requirements, Lot Sizes, Purchase Unit of Measures and much more. The system automatically calculates your shortage risk for each item so you know the potential for stock-outs.  Purchase orders are automatically prepared once approved.


Stock Investment Analysis

 Based on your target service levels, VALOGIX Planner creates a forecast, sets optimal stocking levels and identifies your ideal inventory investment. It compares the recommended stock investment to your actual stock investment.

VALOGIX Planer makes it easy to identify and take action on obsolete, excess and inactive items. You can quickly filter, sort and drill down into item detail and make better


Demand History Alerts

VALOGIX Planner analyzes historical demand for  erratic behavior and reports all items which exceed the user-defined threshold. This report enables the user to easily identify unusual demand which may have occurred from a large one-time sale, the loss of a large customer, or other unusual events. You can  then modify the history for any items for planning   purposes to help ensure proper stocking levels     moving forward. Having access to relevant data can help you track your performance and guide you to reduce costs, improve service levels, and increase productivity.


Stock Transfers  –  Fast & Efficient

The VALOGIX® Stock Transfer Module enables SAP Business One users with multiple physical locations to optimize their inventory investment by managing the intra-company transfer of inventory from one location to another. With the inventory transfer functionality, SAP Business One users have the ability to approve transfer requests, print a pick list, define and print a packaging list and Bill of Lading, and receive the stock.


Purchasing Made Easy

The approved Replenishment Plan automatically creates new Purchase Drafts or live Purchase Orders right in the SAP Business One Purchasing module. This eliminates the need to re-key data, avoids costly mistakes, and     provides the user with all the control and approvals they require.


Planning Control at your Fingertips

Since every business is different, Valogix puts planning control at your fingertips. These settings are simple to use and guide the system in running the planning processes. Defaults are preset to get you started. Once you start planning with Valogix, you can refine these   settings to enhance your processes and results.


Enhanced Planning Features

Automated Forecasting and Replenishment Planning

  • Enhanced forecasting for highly seasonal and slow-moving items
  • Vendor planning for easy replenishment management
  • New Items are easier and faster with the “proxy process”
  • Simultaneously generates new orders and stock transfers*


Sophisticated Item Management

  • Enhanced details show lead time, service levels, vendor, and more
  • Full visibility at all locations: virtual, real, and customers (if desired)
  • Dynamically computes and reports on excess and obsolete inventory
  • Automatically sets shelf stock by item and location


Seamless Integration

  • Completely integrated in SAP Business One
  • Main menu provides fast access to planning
  • Replenishment planning is optimized for better asset and spend control
  • Automatically creates either full or draft Purchase Orders