Implementing a “BIG BUSINESS” advantage

Keeping your small business competitive with BIG BUSINESS ERP designed to make small businesses more competitive.


To thrive in today’s global economy, small businesses must incorporate some of the advantages formerly available only to larger firms. The most important of these advantages is anytime-anywhere access to real-time business data. With current data at their fingertips, company managers can view, analyze, and manage day-to-day business processes and respond quickly to ever-changing customer demands and market conditions.
Data visibility leads to greater efficiency, better-informed decisions, and improved responsiveness. Responsiveness, in turn, leads to satisfied customers and business partners, new and unexpected opportunities, and increased sales and market share. By improving their data visibility and responding quickly to change, small businesses gain a significant competitive advantage.


Today there is new and affordable technology that enables small businesses to access current data from any location, respond quickly to change, and thrive in a volatile business environment. A good example of this technology is the SAP Business One ERP solution designed 100% with small businesses in mind.

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