How SMEs can meet their need for speed with SAP Business One

A bigger business is a better business. It is a common assumption, but it is not strictly true. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have a number of advantages over their larger counterparts. Their size is often their strength – it makes them agile, flexible and adaptable. In fact, most SMEs we speak to pride themselves on this fact.  They can respond faster to changes in the market and take advantage of new insight and opportunities faster than larger organisations.


To capitalise on their agility, flexibility and adaptability SMEs need systems that play to this strength. Unfortunately, some SMEs get bogged down by manual processes. They reply on off-the-shelf accounting-only software that doesn’t provide them with the business intelligence and insight they need to make informed business decisions. “We wanted a software solution that would integrate our data and processes and enable us to react fast to events both inside the company and throughout our business ecosystem,” says Temesi Munyendo, head of information technology at Crown Berger.


All these things slow business down, resulting in missing out on opportunities. In the SME environment, executives often resort to making important decisions on a gut feeling rather than up to date information provided from an integrated and comprehensive business management solution. “Of the various solutions we evaluated, SAP Business One was best suited to deliver the functionality we required to support our business and its on-going growth,” says Ian Smit, Financial Director, CJP Chemicals.


SAP Business One is an integrated, affordable, easy-to-use business management software solution that offers more than just accounting and is designed specifically for small and midsize businesses (SME’s). It enables you to manage by exception and focus on growing your business with up to date business insights and intelligence so you can better service your customers and be a more profitable business.


“SAP Business One is far more cost effective than we were led to believe. It has surprisingly low on-going costs. It was cheaper than the competitors and far easier to implement.”  Thomas Sage, Financial Director, Interlogix.


About Bluekey

Bluekey specialises in making SME’s best-run businesses through the sales, implementation, and support of SAP Business One throughout Africa. Bluekey is headquartered in Johannesburg and has branches in Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Bluekey is Africa’s largest SAP Business One provider, a SAP-certified Gold Partner and SAP Africa Partner of the year for SAP Business One since 2005, and SAP EMEA Pinnacle Award winner.


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