Highveld Taxidermists SAP Business One ROI

Serving hunters from all parts of the globe for over 30 years

Company Name: Highveld Taxidermists
Industry: Taxidermy
Number of Employees: 67
Number of Users: 5
Previous System: Pastel Partner
Implementation Cost: R 200 000
Return on Investment: 12 months

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Highveld Taxidermists has served hunters from all parts of the globe for over 30 years and provides some of the best taxidermy services available – anywhere in the world! By using state of the art technology and superb craftsmanship the company turns out highly individual museum-quality trophies. All production is handled on site; the process is monitored and controlled to the exacting standards necessary to produce prized trophies.


Highveld Taxidermists decided to implement SAP Business One in 2006. The rationale behind the choice was quite clear. They needed an affordable system that was quick to implement but could deal with quite complex processes, and that would free up key personnel from administration to focus on taking the business forward.


According to Thomas Ochsenbein, Director of Highveld Taxidermists, the key was in reducing overall administrative burden in the business. By using a completely integrated system with each business document based on the source document, data capture and the associated errors were reduced. With this foundation in place SAP Business One has enabled them to handle all their requirements efficiently – and work is completed on time with the minimum of hassle.


Since implementing SAP Business One, Highveld Taxidermists has grown at around 20% per annum, without the need to take on additional administrative staff. Says Ochsenbein: “The estimated ROI for our system was less than 12 months as a direct result of reducing the overall admin costs.” Benefits have also accrued in other ways. The tracking of stock and jobs within the system has enabled Highveld Taxidermists to meet deadlines and avoid penalties. “We use the batch tracking capability to track items through the production process – and we always know exactly what our stock position is, and whether we can complete the job in the time specified by the customer.”


Morale has also improved. Staff now feel they are more in control and certain of their facts. As a result they can answer questions regarding customer balances, production volumes and all the other day to day queries quickly and effectively. Management are able to get a total company overview at all times. The ability to get relevant information out easily is a benefit that permeates the business. “I am always totally informed of all aspects of the business from production through to sales to financials etc. The reporting function in SAP Business One is excellent. I get what I want at the click of a button” says Ochsenbein.


“All in all … we work the same hours – with much more productivity”.

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