Coresuite Country Package

The high level of standardization significantly reduces the time taken to implement SAP Business One.


  • Optimization of business processes
  • Simpli ed print and layout management
  • Flexibility towards individual customer
  • requirements
  • Comprehensive search functionality
  • Advanced graphical reporting and dashboards
  • Quick and easy customizations


coresuite designer: the best design, efficient management

coresuite designer comes with a full range of document templates. Benefit from increased efficiency: One layout for all marketing documents – making it quick and easy to make modifications. Define how documents should be processed: For each order, a delivery note can be sent to the warehouse, the invoice can be printed in accounting, and a copy can be sent to the customer via email – all at the same time.


coresuite enterprise search: find it in a flash

Find documents and business partners in the blink of an eye. With the smart Enterprise Search that runs across all the fields in SAP Business One.


coresuite accounting: accounting made easy

You want to keep track of bank statements, charts of accounts, budget reports or balances at any time? And you also want to be able to print them? This is now possible thanks to coresuite accounting. Reports and lists as well as widgets and dashboards give you a quick overview of your entire accounting. And with the drill-down functionality you can delve deep into your company and benefit from precise evaluations on profit center, distribution rules or project level.


coresuite customize: easy, individual modifications

coresuite customize is ideal for modifying a new or existing SAP Business One environment. A simple, efficient tool – no programming skills required. Manage all the fields and buttons in your SAP input screens with drag and drop. Every modification is saved as a rule. You can export these rules seamlessly to other SAP environments.


coresuite framework: develop your own add-ons

Develop your own SAP add-ons with the proven coresuite framework, the basis for every module in the coresuite country package. You can program custom extensions quickly and easily using C#.


Document Delivery: Batch E-mailing and Batch Printing

You can automatically or manually batch print, e-mail or fax Invoices, Business Partner Statements or any other document to your
customers. Even rules can be created to automatically send documents based on Business Partners’ individual communication preference. You can include personalized content, attach documents and even manage entire marketing campaigns

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The coresuite country package is a productivity solution that is distributed by Aloe Rock.