The Communication Products Group SAP Business One ROI

The Communication Products Group is the sole authorised distributor of Plantronics headsets in Southern Africa since 1990.

Company Name: The Communication Products Group
Industry: Distribution
Number of Employees: 25
SAP Business One users: 19
Previous System: Accpac for DOS
Implementation Cost: R350k
Return on Investment: Within 1 year
Key Modules: A/R, CRM, Stock and Service Management

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Plantronics designs headsets for a wide range of devices, including phones, laptops, handhelds, entertainment and music devices. Its offerings enhance a variety of applications across numerous markets, including the office, personal mobile, contact center, gaming, entertainment, residential, a wide spectrum of wireless markets and cutting edge VoIP applications.


Several disparate systems dealt with Accounts, CRM and Job Cards. None of these were integrated and massive delays from the batch-processing environment greatly impeded growth potential. When Bluekey introduced The Communication Products Group to SAP Business One’s real-time, integrated and user-friendly system built on a secure SQL platform, the decision to change was an easy one.


It also quickly paid off – growth for the year following SAP Business One’s installation was a massive 46%! “The sudden instantaneous flow of information to customers had an enormously positive effect on customer satisfaction and ultimately on sales”, says Nielle Truter, Financial Manager of The Communication Products Group.


”What’s more, we achieved this growth without needing to hire additional administrative staff. Previously we closed off on the 25th of each month as we needed 5 days to post batches and cross-check accounts. Now, we only need to print statements.”


Numerous other benefits also became evident, many of which further supported a very rapid return on investment. Workflow approvals resulted in better margins; easier account and business partner reconciliations further reduced the administrative load; real-time reporting enabled effective and informed management.


“With the SAP Business One implementation, Bluekey has enabled us to run our business the way it was meant to run – I would recommend them to anybody.”

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