CJP Chemicals SAP Business One Testimonial

The company had been using a DOS-based system that was struggling to keep pace with its exceptional growth. This necessitated the implementation of a number of independent solutions to compensate for the system’s shortfalls, with the result that the organisation was beginning to grapple with integration issues.


The system also couldn’t deliver access to accurate, real-time information on the availability of items within the organisation’s multiple warehouses, and this is a key business requirement for CJP Chemicals as a trader of stock.


“We needed a scalable, integrated solution that could grow with the organisation, offer accurate insight into all areas of the business and provide easy access to real time information. “Of the various solutions we evaluated, SAP Business One was best suited to deliver the functionality we required to support our business and its ongoing growth,” says Ian Smit, Financial Director, CJP Chemicals.


The solution was implemented by Bluekey Software Solutions, which specialises in making SME’s best-run businesses through the sales, implementation, and support of SAP Business One throughout Africa and who recently named SAP Business One Partner of the Year for the seventh consecutive year (2005-2011).


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