Business Partner features in SAP Business One 8.82

SAP Business One 8.82 Business Partners


Activity Enhancement in SAP Business One 8.82

SAP Business One 8.82 includes the following activity-related features:

  • Duplicating the business partner activity
  • Selecting any business partner address as the activity address
  • Defining a monthly recurring activity on any day of a month, and an annually recurring activity on any day of any month
  • Assigning activities to employees that are not users


Displaying Employee Activities, Absence and Education on Calendar

You can now display employee activities, absence, and education on the calendar.


Enabling Two-Way Connection Between Employee Master Data and Users or Sales Employees/Buyers

You can now access employee master data through the Users – Setup and Sales Employees/Buyers – Setup windows.


Filtering and Sorting Sales Employees/Buyers

You can now filter and sort sales employees/buyers in the Sales Employees/Buyers window.


Blanket Agreements

SAP Business One 8.82 allows you to record blanket agreements to reflect long-term sales or purchasing agreements that you have negotiated with your business partners. You can create two types of blanket agreements:

  • General blanket agreements: For example, to obtain a special bonus at year-end or to achieve a defined turnover with the business partner
  • Specific blanket agreements: Used to obtain a special discount for the individual sales or purchasing transaction. They are also used to determine a delivery schedule, for example, by defining the intervals that certain quantities of goods should be delivered

You can link sales and purchasing documents to blanket agreements used as a basis for expected revenue forecasts, quantity reservation, and capacity planning. Furthermore, blanket agreements are involved in cash flow calculations and MRP runs.


Campaign Management

SAP Business One allows you to create, maintain, and analyze your marketing event information using the campaign management function. You can manage a promotional campaign by:

  • Creating and maintaining target groups
  • Creating a campaign using the Campaign Generation Wizard
  • Managing the campaign data
  • Generating leads and sales opportunities directly from a campaign
  • Analyzing campaigns based on the Campaign List report