Breco Seafoods SAP Business One Testimonial

Bad debt, lack of management insight and minimal internal business controls led Breco Seafoods to Bluekey and SAP Business One to help them get their business to the level they wanted.


“If we were still on our old system we would have lost a fortune from bad debt in recent months – the management team would just be running around putting out fires. Now, however, everything is dealt with within a controlled environment – it’s business as usual – and we have the freedom to concentrate on further entrenching our position as market leader,” says Neil Pascall, Financial Director of Breco Seafoods.


“Easily a third of the data capturing workload has been reduced. Additionally, we now have accurate on-demand information on stock: if a customer wants a particular type of fish I can see exactly how much we have in our purpose-built cold store and where it is, then sell it to him, whether it be 3kg or 3 tonnes, all while he is on the phone!”


Pascall concludes, “We’ve grown 15% per year since we’ve implemented SAP, yet we have surprisingly not needed extra administrative staff – this payroll saving alone paid for the system within 2 years!”


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