Bluekey’s Oil and Gas software solution with SAP Business One

A large amount of foreign investment and the recent offshore discoveries has positioned East Africa as the next lucrative international oil and gas market. Economic growth and deregulation of this sector has led to an increased demand in the import, export and distribution of oil and gas products throughout East Africa.


Once the exclusive domain of the oil majors, the East African oil and gas sector has opened up and companies are looking for ways to increase operational efficiencies in an increasingly competitive environment. In order for businesses to succeed they need to have the right tools to meet expectations and at the same time reduce costs, provide end-to-end visibility across the business and supply chain, improve customer satisfaction and comply with strict sustainability, emissions, health and safety, and corporate governance standards.


Bluekey has invested a significant amount of time and resources gathering information about the oil and gas sector by consulting many different industry professionals, and through implementing business solutions for petroleum distributors throughout East Africa. Through the insights gained, Bluekey has developed a complete oil and gas software solution that satisfies the multitude of specific requirements that need to be met in the oil and gas sector. The Bluekey SAP Business One Oil and Gas software solution is a proven ‘best practice’ solution for companies whose core focus is on the import, export, distribution, and marketing of oil and gas products. Currently Bluekey has successfully implemented more than 20 SAP Business One Oil and Gas software solutions throughout East Africa, and with increased traction in the industry expects to be the benchmark software solution for downstream oil and gas companies.


On 11 June 2013 Bluekey will be showcasing the features, and explaining the benefits, of the SAP Business One Oil and Gas software solution at an executive briefing to be held at the New Age Hotel in Dar es Salaam. “We need to constantly innovate and refresh our products and services and make it known to the industry specialists; it’s essential if we are to retain the trust of our customers and deliver incremental value” says Dennis Marketos, Bluekey Group Managing Director.


A key differentiator for Bluekey is the fundamental belief that the focus and specialization in key industries significantly increases service levels to our customers and prospects, and significantly reduces the time-to-value. With more than 240 successful SAP Business One implementations throughout in Africa over the past 10 years, Bluekey is uniquely qualified to provide SAP Business One solutions in a professional and cost-effective manner.


The business today has a staff complement in excess of 100, with a quarter based in East Africa.  “We see the Africa region as an economic hotspot in the near term and the rate of growth of the East African business eclipsing that of our South African units,” says Marketos, adding: “That makes for some interesting internal dynamics!”


Santone Lange, Bluekey Tanzania Country Manager, adds: “ERP is not just about the product -; it’s the sum of the product, industry experience, local knowledge and people on the ground.  For an ERP project to be successful it takes the application and dedication of the right people from both Bluekey and the customer.” In the long run it pays to have local, skilled, experienced consultants to bind the business to the economy – and that provides the continuity of service that customers need.


“Based on SAP Business One with its world-class financial, CRM and logistics capability our solution extends itself to address the key requirements of the oil and gas sector by providing real time visibility of profit & loss by Service Lines/Depots/Products, automating the procurement process through to online costing per shipment, tracking of products with both observed and quantity at 20, integrated bond tracking which is updated through real time transactions with alerts and status and introducing business rules to allow management by exception,” concludes Mala Bhatt, Managing Director of Bluekey East Africa.


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About Bluekey Software Solutions

Bluekey Software Solutions enjoys a reputation for partnering with SME’s across Africa to deliver comprehensive business management solutions on-time and within budget. The company is founded on the value proposition that successful implementation of effective processes and controls brings real and tangible benefits to business stakeholders by providing full visibility and driving efficiency, service, profitability and growth.

Bluekey is Africa’s most awarded SAP Business One partner; SAP PartnerEdge Gold status; SAP EMEA Pinnacle Award Winner and SAP Business One Africa Partner-of-the-Year 2005-2011. Our 100+ staff service more than 240 SME’s in SADC and East Africa through full service branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.

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