Bluekey wins SAP Business One Partner of the Year for fourth consecutive year

Bluekey Software Solutions, a local IT company which specialises in the implementation of SAP Business One, has won the SAP Partner of the Year Award for SAP Business One 2008.


The company, which has won the award for the fourth consecutive year, has been the top-performing SAP Business One Partner since the software was launched in South Africa five years ago.


The award was presented to Bluekey’s Managing Director, Paul Marketos at an award function held at SAP’s South African headquarters in Woodmead, Johannesburg recently.


“We are very proud to have been presented with the Partner of the Year Award for 2008. For us, SAP Business One is an easy sell because we believe it to be the best product in its category on the market and our team is extremely passionate about it. This award is testament to our passion and commitment to the software we deliver,” says Marketos.


“Although we have won the award for four years running, we can’t be complacent. You are only as good as your last implementation. Our strategy is, and always will be, to sell carefully and strategically so that we are able to address our clients’ needs appropriately and help them run their businesses optimally. We remain committed to delivering world-class, value-adding service through a strong and highly capable team.


“We have recently just concluded our 100th implementation. To see a project to fruition, and watch our customers reap the benefits of SAP Business One and run their businesses more profitably makes us immensely proud.”


Paul Vermaak, head of SAP Business One for SAP South Africa says: “Bluekey has once again delivered astounding results in both sales and customer satisfaction. Bluekey goes way beyond merely selling software solutions and they prove to their customers that the solution they supply adds real value.


“Our research shows that the vast majority of customers that bought SAP Business One from Bluekey saw a return on their investment in less than 18 months. The way in which they are able to transform companies into best-run businesses is what sets them apart. In short, Bluekey is successful because they make their customers successful.”


About Bluekey

Bluekey specialises in making SME’s best-run businesses through the sales, implementation, and support of SAP Business One throughout Africa. Bluekey is headquartered in Johannesburg and has branches in Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Bluekey is Africa’s largest SAP Business One provider, a SAP-certified Gold Partner and SAP Africa Partner of the year for SAP Business One since 2005, and SAP EMEA Pinnacle Award winner.


For more information about Bluekey Software Solutions contact:

Craig Johnston | 021 685 7000 |


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  1. I own a group of companies and I want a stable SAP Partner that can provide us with SAP Business One. Please advise.

    • Hi Guru,

      Thank you for contacting us regarding SAP Business One and a stable and reliable SAP Business One partner. We more than 240 successful SAP Business One implementations and we support all these businesses.

      We will be more than happy to assist you where needs be and you will be contacted to discuss your needs in greater detail.

      Kind Regards,
      The Bluekey Team

  2. I own group of companies in East Africa.In need SAP B1.Please advise.

    • Hi Guru,

      Thank you for your inquiry regarding SAP Business One. We have 2 branches providing SAP Business One implementations, SAP Business One training, SAP Business One development and SAP Business One support in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania) that will be able to service your SAP Business One needs as well as a full service SAP Business One support centre in Kenya.

      We have arranged for someone to contact you regarding your SAP Business One needs and to take discussions further.

      Kind Regards,
      The Bluekey Team


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