Bluekey Customer Day – Johannesburg


As a valued Bluekey and SAP Business One customer we would like to invite you to our Bluekey Customer Day where you will receive valuable information on SAP Business One updates, best practices, and business enhancing extensions.


The presentation will kick off at 1pm on 18 January 2013 and continue until 3:30pm; thereafter we will draw the lucky winner for the iPad along with the complementary SAP mobile installation. Please note that your attendance on the day is required in order to stand a chance of winning.


The following topics will be covered:

  • Update: SAP Business One Roadmap
  • SAP Business One Version 9 –  new features*
  • Business Process Automation to reduce manual admin processes – TaskCentre*
  • Enhance usability of SAP Business One – Coresuite Country Pack*
  • Automated Financial Reporting 
  • Hosting VS On Premise – what is better?

Food and Drinks will be available after the presentation with an opportunity to network with other Bluekey customers and staff.

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*SAP Business One Version 9.0 features and enhancements

SAP has continued to invest in extending the core functionality of  SAP Business One across a number of different business functions and has made available its first major release in the Release Family 9, SAP Business One version 9.0.

By introducing a centralized implementation framework and extending the current implementation tools, SAP Business One 9.0 makes SAP Business One easier to implement, and with improved integration, a number of SAP Business One extensions are now fully integrated into the core product offering.

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*Coresuite Country Package

  • coresuite designer: the best design, efficient management
  • coresuite enterprise search: find it in a flash
  • coresuite customize: easy, individual modifications
  • coresuite framework: develop your own add-ons
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*TaskCentre v4.5

TaskCentre® offers a unique state-of-the-art Business Process Management (BPM) Suite; enabling organisations to cost effectively build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes. TaskCentre® brings people, systems and information together within an organisation through the acquisition, manipulation, dissemination and integration of information; offering a generic approach to automated processes specifically designed to meet precise business requirements.

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