Angor Property Specialists SAP Business One ROI

Angor Property Specialists are a leading and respected residential property company.

Company Name: Angor Property Specialists
Industry: Property Management
Number of Employees: 65
SAP Business One users: 61
Previous System: Pastel
Implementation Cost: R2m
Return on Investment: < 2 years
Key Modules: General Ledger, Cashbook

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Operating in Northern Johannesburg specialising in the administration of Bodies Corporate, residential letting and property sales. Increased market share, and a commensurate need to take on additional staff, led to Angor deciding to automate their business processes through implementing SAP Business One, in conjunction with Bluekey’s Efficiency Suite.


Managing 14,000 tenant accounts in over 100 Complexes in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg means massive transaction volumes are processed on a daily & monthly basis. In addition, because all payments are received into a central trust account, numerous inter-company transactions are required.


Bluekey assisted Angor in automating the bulk of this daily data capture. All receipts are imported directly from the bank statements and inter-company journals automatically created in SAP Business One. All monthly invoices, with set costs such as levies, and variable costs like electricity charges, are now generated automatically. “Our data capture has been reduced by 75%”, says Gordon Shutte, co-founder and Director of Angor.


“In addition, the speed of processing has improved significantly, with our cashbook now reconciled in a few hours as opposed to it taking much time and human resource on the previous systems.”


There are numerous other benefits, which have led to a good return on investment. Angor are now able to handle the same volumes as before with five fewer bookkeepers. Accurate & timeous information going out to customers has resulted in a significant reduction in queries with call volumes to the switchboard having decreased by some 20%. With the automation of statements and routine communication via email, stationery and postal expenses have been vastly reduced. The automation of processes has freed staff members up to focus on service to customers.


The benefits brought about by implementing SAP Business One will extend into the future. Shutte is of the opinion that “the foundation we have laid will allow us to handle significant future growth. SAP Business One has not only stripped out inefficiencies, it has enabled us to improve our levels of customer service, and run more streamlined systems within the company.”

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